Right Before My Eyes

My baby has become a little girl.
And I can't find the pause button.





  1. Yeah..sniff, sniff......so do I. And there's not a darn thing we do about it. And more bad news. It gets faster. Sorry! :(

    Just yesterday as I dropped Dahlia off at school, I always watch her go down the path to the door. It's about a minute walk so I get to stare at her back and hope she turns around to wave. (I crave that last wave.)And I really noticed that she is no longer the tiniest little munchkin walking down that path. In fact she's a giant compared to the little kindergarteners - where she was just last year.

    Sigh...all too fast! I love these photos of your sweetie pie - she's so sure on her feet.

    Hugs to you.

  2. You're so right! I remeber when SP was just a little peanut! And now...look at her! She gets more beautiful with each passing day :)

  3. They grow up so fast...some days I just hate it and other days I think...ok is time for college???? LOL One thing is for sure...when they do leave the nest.....they always return : P

    Look at your little sweetie....she is adorable and always looks so happy!!!! Love the pictures : )

  4. Isnt it strange, that in their minds time moves so slowly. When will I be big enough to ride a bike, wear make up, go to the movies with my friends?

    To me it feels like the days last forever but the months fly by.

    So glad you are documenting it with your camera.

    Love V

  5. Precious pictures, Dita. It does go by fast, we have to enjoy every second.

  6. It does go by in an instant doesn't it? I remember when she was a baby, now she's a little girl. (sigh)

    These are beautiful miss Dita, as always!

  7. I remember the first time I freaked out about this... totally irrational, but it was when I could no longer fold the sleeves of her shirts straight across and had to fold them at a diagonal because of their length. *sob*

  8. I have been grasping for that pause button for the last few years.....first with Nick and now with Sarah. They grow up way too fast...... in the blink of an eye they become so independent. It is kind of bittersweet:)

    Precios pictures of your baby......she will always be your baby no matter how old she gets!!

    Luv Ya,


    BTW, feeling a little depressed that tomorrow is Friday and the week is ending and we didn't get to have lunch:( This is the first week in the last 4 that we have not gotten together!! Hopefull Tuesday or Wednesday I will be heading back out your way:)

  9. My girl is trying to find the pause button herself :). she DOES NOT want to "get bigger and bigger." I would indulge her wish if I could for awhile!

  10. Sweet photos!! I love those leggings and boots :) darn they do get bigger way too fast, Tia is talking up a storm and it is cute but hey! how did she learn to talk so well when she is only . . . WHAT she's 3.5!! - How does that happen??!!

    And to answer your question, Oh yes, I'll adopt you :) but you have to let me adopt Wonder Boy and Sweetie Pie too!

  11. Hi Dita darling!

    Wow, just sitting here reading your beautiful posts and looking at your amazing photos! I'M SMILING FOR CHANGE:))

    I was thrilled to finally meet this little girl of yours! She's still your baby girl, now and forever! What a cutie I'll tell ya! Wonder Boy had a great time with the girls chasing him around, think he enjoyed himself?
    Awh the days of childhood. Keep capturing the moments...forever polaroids in our hearts!

    Love you and thank you for making Kira's day so special!