The Princess and Me

Several weeks ago my Sweetie Pie got a new bed.


It's absolutely perfect for her little room and
more than fitting for our pint-sized princess.

It's complete with the cuddliest midnight black minky sheets
that are as soft as a well-loved furry teddy bear
with a little black minky pillow to match.


If the whole ensemble weren't so tiny
I'd be nestled in that bed for sure
(especially on chilly days like we're having lately)
with head buried beneath the covers
and no one would ever find me.

Even WonderBoy keeps trying to crash there however,
he's now tipping the scales at over 102 lbs so
I've deemed her bed
off limits for anyone over 75lbs...
which leaves everyone else in this house out!

There's just one little problem.

Sweetie Pie isn't having any of it.

There's one thing that apparently trumps
the softest, furriest, midnightiest, cudgiest sheets in the world
on the most adorable little bed ever....
Its that spot right between JR and me...


She wrecks havoc on my REM sleep.
Poor JR, the light sleeper that he is, can often be found
wandering the house in search of
a comfy, quiet place elsewhere to rest his head.
But I thought about it and
honestly, I don't know what I'd do without her little heart right next to mine
after the 27 months +9 that we've been together.
Toss and turn as I do,
I realize that she's only this little once and these are the very best of days.

I've been trying to get in touch with my inner recyclist
in an attempt to
turn that precious little bed
somehow into a slightly oversized paperweight
or picture frame or doorstop, or placecard holder, or.....


  1. .....or.....a beautiful shelf for Cutie Pies dollies and stuffies. They would love the plush, cudgie, softness of that ADORABLE little bed.

    Sleep? What's that? Over-rated.


  2. Oh, I forgot to say. I love the new blog design. (Do you give lessons? I'll sign up!)

  3. That bed is "Chic Petite" so sophisticated. We put Aubriana in her big girl bed and she loved it.

    Of course it was an easy transition from a crib to her own bed.

    I wonder who is less motivated for her to move to her bed the Princess or her parents?

    You could always get a cat or toy breed dog who would appreciate the fancy digs.

    I like your new header. I must learn how to to that.

  4. That is the most gorgeous toddler bed I have ever seen.

    I am living on little sleep too. I hear every sigh the twins make and it keep me up at night. My Mother Senses are always on full alert. I know instantly when any of my children awaken.

  5. The prettiest toddler bed I've EVAH seen Dita! wow! where did you find it?

    hmmm...in my house it could be a doggy bed for our black lab Molly(she'd even match it with her black fur), on second thought Molly might smash the bed. She weighs 90 lbs. she's a big doggy!

    Have a great week my friend.


  6. Lol! There's no place better than sleeping next to momma & poppa. Enjoy the extra company while you still can :)

  7. Love the bed. L ends up in my bed every single night...for over 2 years now. I have to say, if it weren't for my husband I would have her in there from the start of each night! She keeps me warm ; )

  8. Oh my word.... that bed is ADORABLE!!! I would totally sleep there.....

    Having the little ones in your bed is like a double edged sword. You want them out so that you can get your rest, but when they are gone, you miss them terribly!! We had Sarah between us for almost 2.5 years. She is now in her big girl bed, but occasionally we bring in with us......love to cuddle with her at night:)

    Hope you have a great week girly!!



  9. Dita, your taste is scrumptious! And yes, she will grow up all too soon!

  10. The Tongginator refused to sleep in a toddler bed until she was three, so I truly feel your pain. That bed is gorgeous... here's hoping she comes around sooner rather than later.

  11. That is the most inviting toddler bed ever! Wow...was that a toddler bed? :)

    Oh...ya gotta love the snuggle bunnies!

    We have a shortage of REM in our house as well. It makes this mommy berry berry crabby in the AM.

    Yes, this too shall pass all too quickly. :::sigh:::

    Have a great weekend!


  12. That bed and bedding are gorgeous!!!!! Love it!!!! Just beautiful and really perfect for your sweetie pie.
    Our Lily comes in our bed every morning to snuggle and I LOVE it.... wish I could bottle up those moments and make them last forever.