Daddy's Girl

JR was off from work today.

His sidekick was busy as a bee following him around and "helping."

I heard music outside the garage (the beat of JR's unmistakeable dance music reliving his old club days) so I thought I'd have a peek what was going on.

As soon as I opened the door I saw her there....topless.

I asked where her shirt was and she responded..."Papa's not wearing a shirt so neither am I."

And she happily went about her business.

JRR Washing Car WM

The green marker on both their faces was her morning art project.

I hope JR remembered to let her use the washable markers!


Snapshot Sunday: {Strike A Pose}

Evidently, the camera that is appended to my anatomy has given rise to a one-girl posing machine.

No matter where she is; what she's doing....she'll look up at me and say, "Mom, this would make a good picture, wouldn't it?" (Even when I don't have the camera in hand!)

When we drive she'll see a wooded field, a green golf course or an architecturally interesting building and she from the backseat we'll hear..."Mom, that would be a great place for pictures!" JR and I crack up...she's always thinkin' that one.


Whatever did we do before she came into our lives?

Striped Shirt Smiling Dyptich Blog Board

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Sunday Snapshot


Black & White Wednesday: Snakeskin Boots

Sixteen years ago my precious niece, Tigerlily, received these custom snakeskin boots from Grandma & Grandpa when they traveled out West.
BW Boots Single

The moment I saw them on her I just knew that there was no way I could ever part with them...and if she had to grow up...well, then, the boots would remind me how little she was forever and ever and they do....

Color Boots Double

Actually, they remind me of Tigerlily and WonderBoy because he sported them too. A rite of passage of sorts...cooler than cool; the kind of hand-me-down kids can't wait to get their feet into.

BW Tryptich

And now, the littliest of the 3 babies in my life finally fits in them. I was saving them in the back of her closet for her to grow into a wee bit more...but I don't really need to tell you how willful she is now, do I?

BW Boots Double

She called me out to the yard the other day and there she was, proud as a peacock in this little ensemble put together by none other than Princess Darling herself.... she was hunting for "glow in the dark" bugs she told me (lightning bugs, as I call them....or fireflies).

Boots Walking

I didn't have the heart to tell her that she wouldn't be finding any in broad daylight.

I'm.never.giving. these. boots. away.

It's Black and White Wednesday!
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Lo and behold....have become the best of friends.


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