Spring Beauty

Dutch tulips from their beds
Flaunted their stately heads.
- James Montgomery, The Adventure of a Star

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It's Black and White Wednesday
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Thankful Thursday

It's the little things...


that mean everything.



Bright Lights, Big City

Yes, I'm still alive...


...but I guess its no secret that my new job is kicking my butt!


I'm officially one month in and I'm not sure if its the grind of the daily commute,
meeting all the new people and traveling around the City
to different locations throughout the week
or learning all the details of my new role but, I quickly realized
that I'm not quite the spring chicken I once was.
As a matter of fact, I'm dog tired by the end of the day.






The minute I get home I just want to spend every minute with my lovelies and the last thing I feel like doing is hopping on the computer and being away from them.

This is the reason I've been missing around Bloggerville lately...the only reason!
I miss posting on my regular schedule and I sure miss making my stops around to your blogs to say my hellos and check in on all your beautiful pictures and stories.

Out of sight is not out of mind for me when it comes to my blog buddies though,
so just know I am thinking of you and will be catching up as soon
as I can catch my breath!

It's Black and White Wednesday
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Happy 75th Birthday


To My One and Only
Original Prince Charming!
Daddy, you make life grand!
I love you.


(with all 3 of his beautiful grandchildren)


Happy Mother's Day

No matter how long I've been a mother,
I still can't grasp that Mother's Day
is a day that is now meant for me too.

Not as long as this lovely lady is around.


To me, Mother's Day will always be the day I celebrate
my very own wonderful mother.
It just isn't about me...it will always belong to her.

JR and I are very fortunate to live so near
and have her play such a huge role in our lives.

My children bask in the glow of their Nana whenever she sees them
(which is practically every day).

The second they see her car pull into the driveway,
they scamper to the front practically clawing at one another
to be the first one she sees when she opens the door.
Sometimes they hide in plain sight and she pretends to look
for them
and ask me if I've seen them
for several minutes as they giggle thinking she can't find them.

They soak up her attention, hugs and kisses like little sponges
and search her purse for the goodies that she inevitably brings them.
I love hearing her speak to them from the other room.
She says things that I had almost forgotten she used to say
exactly the same way to me decades ago...
"Hello my little sugar plum!"
When Sweetie comes excitedly running over to kiss me goodbye
as she's off for an adventure with Nana;
I see she is sporting two perfect pigtails in her hair,
with matching bows just as my mother used to do with me so long ago.
As I watch them walk away hand in hand together
I recall with crystal ball clarity the beautiful
childhood memories she made for me.

WonderBoy loves to tattle on me to Nana.
He'll tell her that I may not have made the bed (like she does)
or I didn't put something in its place (like she does)
or that he isn't happy with my choice of dinner for the evening
(since I don't cater to his every whim, like she does).

I can't help but laugh inside as he turns into more
of a little brother to me when the Big Gun arrives.
As he recounts what he percieves to be my (ahem) transgressions...
he wears a sly little smirk on his face that he would never use on me
never, that is, unless my mother is around.
It clearly says that he's not the least bit worried about any consequences
his words may carry since Nana always sides with her only grandson and,
in his words...Nana "trumps" me since she is the Mother of the Mother.

He's got a point, there.
No matter how old I get...she's always my mother and, well, I'm just fine with that!

Mom, thank you for giving me life, for raising me with so much love and attention to detail, for always being there for me, for giving me such a wonderful foundation to build my own family upon and for being such a very special complement to all of our lives.

You are a treasure.





Happy Mother's Day

This day will always be yours!

Special update on this post:

When my mom read it she sent me this reply

Darling Daughter . . . Thank you for the wonderful tribute!
It was worth living 73 years just to hear it! Now I can die peacefully!
P.S. The only reason I make pigtails in my little Sweetie’s hair
is because I never mastered how to braid! Wait! Hold off on that dying bit!
Maybe I could live just a little longer and learn how to braid!
Love, Mother


TomGirls and BFF

These little ladies had a special afternoon tea a few weeks back
enjoying a little teaser of Spring that graced our area a bit early.

I'll be posting more of their playdate and the very special bond
they share when I have some more time.

However, I just couldn't help but post a sneak peek of these two little "ladies"
who turned into complete little Tom Boys the very first second they got...
Sweetie even sported chocolate slathered across her face
and I, her usually very high stress Mama,
am pleased to report let her wear it all afternoon!

It was one of those perfect days no matter what.
The girls, my own darling girlfriend whom I adore,
the sunshine. Perfect, just perfect.

Girls Playing

Look at those gorgeous faces; they remind me of one another.
They're born on the same day...miraculously only a few hours apart.
I can't believe they are already 2 1/2 years old.
These virtual twins make my heart skip a beat
whenever they're together!

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

And I can't help but smile when I see these two beauties
living in the now...enjoying
every single moment of one another.

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

They are a living reminder to me never to take for granted
the very special moments I share with my own girlfriends...

Especially you, CT, my sister equine...
there's never enough time when we're together
and the time that passes when we're apart
well, it only makes my heart grow fonder.

Thank you for your very special friendship
and for sharing your beautiful granddaughter with us.

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