TomGirls and BFF

These little ladies had a special afternoon tea a few weeks back
enjoying a little teaser of Spring that graced our area a bit early.

I'll be posting more of their playdate and the very special bond
they share when I have some more time.

However, I just couldn't help but post a sneak peek of these two little "ladies"
who turned into complete little Tom Boys the very first second they got...
Sweetie even sported chocolate slathered across her face
and I, her usually very high stress Mama,
am pleased to report let her wear it all afternoon!

It was one of those perfect days no matter what.
The girls, my own darling girlfriend whom I adore,
the sunshine. Perfect, just perfect.

Girls Playing

Look at those gorgeous faces; they remind me of one another.
They're born on the same day...miraculously only a few hours apart.
I can't believe they are already 2 1/2 years old.
These virtual twins make my heart skip a beat
whenever they're together!

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

And I can't help but smile when I see these two beauties
living in the now...enjoying
every single moment of one another.

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

Girls Playing

They are a living reminder to me never to take for granted
the very special moments I share with my own girlfriends...

Especially you, CT, my sister equine...
there's never enough time when we're together
and the time that passes when we're apart
well, it only makes my heart grow fonder.

Thank you for your very special friendship
and for sharing your beautiful granddaughter with us.

It's Black and White Wednesday
Join in on the fun over at The Long Road to China

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  1. Adorable, as always. Look at those two - frolicking about, with no cares. Only for fun!! And I love that wild side of you - leaving the chocolate face on all afternoon. lol

    Yes, how lucky we are to find kindred spirits. It's not all that common.

    Now, please tell me Sweetie didn't split her forehead open again. I see a band-aid on her forhead.

    Loved my little peek into your "playdate". Have a great rest of the week. And don't work too hard.

  2. You have SOOOO captured that wonderful little-girl-friendship essence.
    The fourth picture is amazing. I feel like I am right there playing with them.
    The last shot, they really look like twins.

    What a gift for both them and you moms to have the joy of friendship extending to the next generation.

    Have a great week, Dita!

  3. Christina they are precious together!!!! You captured the two of them beautifully!!! I love all their sweet little expressions. Looks like a wonderful day : )
    I love how children live in the now!!! I need to try more to live in the now. Our kids grow up way too fast:::sniff sniff:::

  4. Those two little angels are too cute and look like they enjoy each other tremendously. Friendship is what it's all about. Beautiful black and whites!

  5. Great shots of a friendship that I'm sure will continue to be just as it is now in 20 years! I love that you let the chocolate go for the day...I'd be struggling with that too but know that I'd let it fly at some point too. :)

  6. What great photos! I always enjoy your posts. You capture the realness of the moment so well. I can understand the special bond they share, just by seeing these photos you took.

  7. Dita, my darling friend...You are a gift, your friendship brings a certain balance to my life ~ a combination of your wisdom and creative artistry feeds my soul. To think, we have the chance to foster what may bring our lovelies just a hint of what we share adds one more layer to a friendship that gets more precious with each moment together. I love being friends with you! Have a wonderful Mother's Day! Thank you!!!

  8. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a close bond with her friend at such a young age. My daughter has the same relationship with my bestfriends daughter. They are the exact same age and born exactly the same months apart as me and my bestfriend.

    Your photos really capture the joy these two have when playing together.

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. They are simply adorable, lovely in B&W.

  10. What beautiful little girls, free spirits enjoying life to its fullest! Chocolate, bandaids, and all.

  11. Oh to be a child again and living in the moments, we should learn from them!

  12. Love the tomgirls....chocolate face and bandaids thats a classic day! Too cuties!

  13. What a cute, beautiful pair! Very nice!!

  14. They look like twin sisters for sure!! What dolls!!

  15. What a beautiful bond! They are both so adorable.

    And oh yes, the band aid on the forehead...pretty fitting for a 2 1/2 year old! :-)

  16. It looks like they had such a fun time : ) What little sweeties! : )

  17. Oh to be a kid again and have that kind of fun! I love the texture the wood adds to these and again I feel like I am right there having fun with them.

  18. Ridiculous amounts of cuteness there, Dita!! Love girly play days!!!

    PS- If Sweetie ever comes up missing, it's because I've stolen her away to Texas. I promise she'd like it here. :)

  19. Looks like they were having a great time hanging out in their special fort!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  20. So very precious...love the special relationship they have, what sweet peas and truly BFF! gorgeous black and whites Dita. :)

  21. Two cuties....that surely bring a smile to my face!! It looks like they had a wonderful day filled with fun and lots of giggles!!

    You truly captured the essence of the day with your beautiful black and whites!!

    How very cool that the girls are only 2 1/2 hours apart...... I have no doubt that they have a very special bond.

    Enjoy the rest of your week Dita...... Friday is just around the corner.

    Luv ya,


  22. Lovely post Christina and there is nothing greater than friendship and watching it blossom with our own precious children.

    Have a wonderful MD....


  23. These two girlies are virtually sisters! They have so much in common! Hopefully, they'll continue to grow up together as besties! Hope you gave CT a big hug from me :)

  24. Beautiful girls...beautiful pictures!!

    There is nothing like having that one special friend!!!