Black and White Wednesday: My Christmas Wish

Two Extraordinary Children
Kids Front Steps Blog It WM BW
make for one VERY happy (and fortunate) Mama!

Yep...my Christmas Wish came true...

I woke up on Christmas morning and there,
right under my Christmas tree...
sat those two smiling sweethearts!

Kids BW Ballerina

There is no greater gift!

Kids Front Steps Blog It WM

It's Black and White Wednesday!

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the long road


Merry Christmas!

Make a Wish!
JRR Make A Wish
"Santa is that YOU?"
JRR Santa Big Eyes Blog It WM
JRR Santa Boots Only WM

JRR Santa Full Steps WM


Our Little Sentinel

She's a formidable taskmaster.
She doesn't miss a trick.


She waits by the door for her father to arrive home; like clockwork.


Although patience is not her strong suit.


She's just learning to count and cannot tell time (she's THREE!)
but she frequently and quite convincingly checks her watch.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

She has that exasperated look down to a science.


It all adds to the drama....
and what's a girl's day without some drama, after all.

She's got the heart and tenacity of her mother;
the punctuality and sweet disposition of her father.

Just one look at her reminds us every single day
how incredibly fortunate we are to have our sweet little girl.

It's Black and White Wednesday!

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Remember Me?

I barely do so I imagine I'm hardly a blip on the radar these days!

Things have gotten so hectic here
that blogging has completely fallen by the wayside.
Not that I don't think about it every day.
Not that I haven't written myself at least a dozen lists of photos I've taken,
all with very special stories that I plan to share here.

You have no idea how much I miss visiting the blogs of my friends
that are near and dear to me. (yeah, you all know who you are!)

So, I decided to get out of my work/holiday/real life frenzy; get off my blogger laurels
and do something I've never done before...enter an
I Hearts Faces Photo Challenge

How appropos....this week's theme is Self Portraits!

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately
(in a good way)
and when I look in the mirror these days I can honestly say
that I'm awfully glad to see this girl looking back at me...

CN Selfie Grunge Bone Smile Blog

flaws and all...
she's been with me every step of the way so far
and I have to admit...she's kinda growin' on me.