Black and White Wednesday: My Christmas Wish

Two Extraordinary Children
Kids Front Steps Blog It WM BW
make for one VERY happy (and fortunate) Mama!

Yep...my Christmas Wish came true...

I woke up on Christmas morning and there,
right under my Christmas tree...
sat those two smiling sweethearts!

Kids BW Ballerina

There is no greater gift!

Kids Front Steps Blog It WM

It's Black and White Wednesday!

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  1. I love the way they look at one another.

    You definitly got what you wished for.

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful (I know it was) merry thoughts were being sent your way as we made our way through the debris field of red and gold papers and cardboard boxes cast aside.

    Kisses and hugs to you and all of your darlings.

    Love V

  2. Love your photos, and yes, smiling children make the world go round!
    Hope you are not snowed in and all is well in your very cold world!
    Happy New Year 2011!
    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. You are RIGHT....there is no greater gift!! Sweetie and WB are beautiful in every way.......and these pictures show the pure and innocent love they have for one another. You are one very lucky and blessed Momma!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy and Healthy New Year! May 2011 be filled with lots of love and happiness!



  4. beautiful....love the sweetness of them looking at each other.

  5. Your words from the heart have the effect of describing things as easily as a hot knife slicing through butter. What a gift. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so beautifully.

    The pictures continue to amaze. The one showing just the feet put a smile on my face that should last the rest of the day :)

  6. That's the best gift of all! I think there are a whole lot of moms feeling the same exact way this year. I know I'm one of them.

    Happy New Year to you!!!


  7. You do have very beautiful children!

  8. No gift could be greater. I'm so glad your Christmas wish came true. It couldn't have happened to a sweeter mama.

    I love all these shots but the second one is pure heaven. You aways capture the pure essence in every moment.

    Love you lots girl!!!

  9. Love that first shot! Yes, what could be better than those two sweeties?

  10. And beautiful gifts they are!!

    I feel the same way. My two (who seem to be about the same age as yours) are such a gift...one I thought I would never have.

  11. OK those are PRECIOUS!!!!

    Happy and Healthy New Year!

  12. love the first picture as well as all the rest. i love the look on their sweet faces

    happy new year

  13. Oh how I love your darlings! And you're right, how blessed are we to have such precious beings in our lives?!?! Hope to see you soon, my friend. Love and hugs.

  14. I love this "darling" duo!! Hope the rest of the darlings had a lovely holiday too!! Miss you!! XOXO

  15. I have a big smile on my face after reading your post...and seeing your pics. There really is nothing better!

    Happy New Year Dita and family.

    :) Gail

  16. Boots and a tutu... doesn't get much better than that! Happy New Year!

  17. We are missing you! All OK this week?
    Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  18. Dita, I love your photography, and how you capture the gentle in the soul of your young people. Not to mention as always they are just beautiful people. Ok you all are gogeous people, period.

    Hope life is bringing you many smiles so far in 2011.

  19. I love your little gifts. They are precious indeed. I am so thankful you get to be their mama. What a dream : )
    LOVED the mugs you and Maddy exchanged. You are so creative : )