When the Cat's Away.....

...this little mouse will play!
The school bus barely leaves our street and she's off to his room.


You know, the one that's off limits
(especially to those nemesis of all 10 year old boys, the dreaded baby sister)


To say he's territorial is an understatement.
This is his favorite chair since he was a baby.
He no longer fits in it but its his and that's that.
Those pillows, yep, you guessed it.
His favorites. The blue one has his name emblazoned on it.
It used to grace his crib 10 years ago and is soft as can be.


This is his flying Harry P*tter that whizzes overhead at lightning speed and is never to be operated by human hands other than his own (do you see it flying here...it is!)


Oh, and here we have some of his favorite "stuff" that she's not ever to touch
under penalty of...
well, I'll just say, it's not pretty.

Look how cute she is touching it!


And, of course, the Teddys....nobody touches the Teddys....they are not to leave his bed!

(ut oh, Teddy fall down........)

(don't worry Teddy, I'll help you...I'm a good little nurse)


What a magical place this off limits WonderBoy cave is to Sweetie Pie.
She's so excited she does the happy dance!


My motto...what he doesn't know, well, he doesn't know!

After a while, though, the mystery wears off and she's off to explore more dangerous territory
while calling out the name of WonderBoy's most prized possession, his "son."

She begins to wander through the house.
Can't fool her.
She runs to the front table knowing that WonderBoy would have kissed Kiddie
as his last act as he headed out the door to meet the school bus.
And I spot him there, right where WonderBoy left him.


I hear her calling his name....Kiddie, Kiddie, Kiddie
in her sweet little voice.

Whoa, even I draw the line somewhere and quickly divert her;
throwing myself between the little tornado and helpless little Kiddie.

She's not buying it and she's trying her best to move me from her path.

I'm left with nothing but the offering up of my arch nemesis to draw her away.

It's horrible.
I'll give you a hint.
It's big, and purple with a bright green underbelly.
It sports the world's most annoying voice.
It answers to the name of B*rney
It can cause seizures in adults if they are forced to suffer watching the DVDs
in rapid, repetitive, looping succession.
I can attest to that fact.

Oh, the sacrifices mothers must make!


Thankful Thursday

My Sunshine on A Cloudy Day
When she's not looking, I can't help but stare at her.

When she is looking....
I can't help but smile at that precious little face!

Lucky Mommy!


A Present

When the doorbell rang and Sweetie realized that she was getting a present
from the Sweet Sisters who live across the street;
she could barely contain herself.


She was so excited that she did what any like-minded, exuberant
woman in training would do.

She threw herself on the floor.

JRR Black Dress

And, when she saw it...well, let's just say she was
in black velvet, furry handbag heaven!


She's made it crystal clear that it belongs ONLY to HER!


Busy as a BEE!

Ever since the dynamic duo, Sydney and Isabella, sent this little bumble bee ditty over for Sweetie Pie, she insists on putting it on at least once a day as she buzzes around the premises.

Once in full regalia, explaining that it's an indoor outfit
rather than supermarket attire hasn't exactly been easy.

What better day than Halloween for our little entomologist in training to not only sport her ladybug costume but to give Mr. Bumble Bee equal time.
I wasn't kidding when I said she put me through three costume changes on Halloween.

This was numero tres!


Have wings will travel.


Believe me, Baby Girl was workin' it and playin'
to her favorite audience member.


You know, the one who melts to a puddle when he
sees her little face and hears that sweet voice say:
"Kiss, puleeeeeeeezzzzz, Papa"


Then they're two peas in a pod;

or bees in a hive, or whatever...


...right up until he tells her her bee-hind lookes big in that outfit.

Yep, a picture's worth a thousand words.
I'm still laughing.
There it was:
The silent, firey, sideways, appalled, indignant, death look that harkens revenge.
That's Mama's Girl!
Men...will they ever learn?


Happy Halloween

A happy little ladybug frolicked in our yard yesterday.








Our soldier checked out his dog tags
to make sure every stitch of his uniform was complete.


(he even explained to me that soldiers' hands aren't really that clean so he roughed his up a bit)

He stood guard over us watching the deer running from yard to yard

(Yes, those are Men's size 9.5 authentic Army issue...and they're getting SMALL on him!)

Then a gentleman soldier assisted Miss Minnie in her THIRD
costume change of the day.
(Notice how she slyly grabs his weapon)


Then it was all about the quest for candy.........