Happy Halloween

A happy little ladybug frolicked in our yard yesterday.








Our soldier checked out his dog tags
to make sure every stitch of his uniform was complete.


(he even explained to me that soldiers' hands aren't really that clean so he roughed his up a bit)

He stood guard over us watching the deer running from yard to yard

(Yes, those are Men's size 9.5 authentic Army issue...and they're getting SMALL on him!)

Then a gentleman soldier assisted Miss Minnie in her THIRD
costume change of the day.
(Notice how she slyly grabs his weapon)


Then it was all about the quest for candy.........



  1. Look at your adorable little ladybug....and handsome GI JOE:) Looks like you had a great Halloween! The pics are perfect.....I love the one of the two of them. WB is so good with his sister. I did not get one stinkin pic of my two together on Halloween....not one. Sarah should have traded in her wings, because she should have been riding a broom that night. She was in a total mood!

    Talk to you this week...thanks for placing your MJ order. I just got off the phone with Cathy:)



  2. Such an adorable ladybug (and I love that she needed 3 wardrobe changes for the day - I totally get it!)

    Your pics are so crisp and clear. (You been doin' some homework, girl!)

    Wamda (At Last...)

  3. Great shots; I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones who were changing costumes throughout the evening.

    Your yard looks so fallish with all the leaves. But sweetie pie looks like it is a warm day out; guess adorable lady bugs can handle the crisp air, especially with a handsome soldier nearby in case of trouble.


  4. Gotta love a gal who changes 3 times for the big event! Wow, someone who beat Gene's mens size 9 foot!

  5. You take such great pictures.....love them! ;)

  6. That ladybug costume is too cute! The surprisingly warm weather was great for trick-or-treating. Hope the kids had fun :)

  7. Miss Ladybug and Miss Minnie are TOOOOO precious! How fabulous to have 3 costume changes... my kind of girl.

    Your soldier is so handsome!!! He always look so gentle with his little sister...

  8. Your lady bug takes my breath away and your soldier is oh, so handsome. Wonderful pics and I see the band aide is gone and no scar! Yeah!!!! Thank You Jesus.
    Big hug to you friend,

  9. Wow, these are some awesome pictures! Mine were all too busy wanting to get to the candy-collecting portion of the evening and I didn't get much in the way of pics.

    Glad they had a great night!

  10. LOVE these pics of your handsome soldier with his sweet little ladybug sister. You can tell he's a wonderful big brother by all your pics.

    Had to lol about her 3 costume changes...that's a miss Grace thing to do. A girl can never have too many pretty dresses can they? ;)

  11. Dita, Dita, Dita....
    Inquiring minds want to know. Are you a professional photographer?
    When I visit your blog I am swept away by its beauty and the professional look to all of your photos. There is something about your blog that makes me feel like I'm thumbing through a magazine. Its flawless! My favorite pic is Soldier Boy gently putting his sister's shoe on. -breathtaking-
    But of course I love ALL of the pics!
    Hugs from St. Louis!

  12. Oh my goodness she is the cutest ladybug I have ever seen! And can we say what that Anthony is just handsome in his fatigues and she is the cutest mini ever! I love how you dress her.

    I have missed coming to your blog and have much to catch up on. Seems work has been in my forefront of life. Smile!

  13. The above comment so covered what I was thinking... I find myself going back and back again to look at the photos. Your children are so beautiful and you capture it so perfectly.

    ps: part 3 of rite of passage will eventually make its way to light :)