When the Cat's Away.....

...this little mouse will play!
The school bus barely leaves our street and she's off to his room.


You know, the one that's off limits
(especially to those nemesis of all 10 year old boys, the dreaded baby sister)


To say he's territorial is an understatement.
This is his favorite chair since he was a baby.
He no longer fits in it but its his and that's that.
Those pillows, yep, you guessed it.
His favorites. The blue one has his name emblazoned on it.
It used to grace his crib 10 years ago and is soft as can be.


This is his flying Harry P*tter that whizzes overhead at lightning speed and is never to be operated by human hands other than his own (do you see it flying here...it is!)


Oh, and here we have some of his favorite "stuff" that she's not ever to touch
under penalty of...
well, I'll just say, it's not pretty.

Look how cute she is touching it!


And, of course, the Teddys....nobody touches the Teddys....they are not to leave his bed!

(ut oh, Teddy fall down........)

(don't worry Teddy, I'll help you...I'm a good little nurse)


What a magical place this off limits WonderBoy cave is to Sweetie Pie.
She's so excited she does the happy dance!


My motto...what he doesn't know, well, he doesn't know!

After a while, though, the mystery wears off and she's off to explore more dangerous territory
while calling out the name of WonderBoy's most prized possession, his "son."

She begins to wander through the house.
Can't fool her.
She runs to the front table knowing that WonderBoy would have kissed Kiddie
as his last act as he headed out the door to meet the school bus.
And I spot him there, right where WonderBoy left him.


I hear her calling his name....Kiddie, Kiddie, Kiddie
in her sweet little voice.

Whoa, even I draw the line somewhere and quickly divert her;
throwing myself between the little tornado and helpless little Kiddie.

She's not buying it and she's trying her best to move me from her path.

I'm left with nothing but the offering up of my arch nemesis to draw her away.

It's horrible.
I'll give you a hint.
It's big, and purple with a bright green underbelly.
It sports the world's most annoying voice.
It answers to the name of B*rney
It can cause seizures in adults if they are forced to suffer watching the DVDs
in rapid, repetitive, looping succession.
I can attest to that fact.

Oh, the sacrifices mothers must make!


  1. Oh, what a dangerous game she plays. And your sure "wonder boy" doesn't read blogs, right?

    And yes, we mothers will use anything we need to to accomplish our mission. Even sticking pokers in our eyes!

    Have a great week.

  2. Well if a man can't trust his own mother to watch over his castle while he is away, who can he trust.

    His room is so neat how can you be sure it isn't boobie trapped to catch unwanted visitors?

    She is adorable, I doubt he could stay mad for long.

    One day he will read this blog and the wrath shall come down upon you.

    Love V

  3. My goodness...WonderBoy is tidy. I think my son uses the mess of his room to create an obstacle course to keep the little twins out :)
    Hope all is well.

  4. Love his room and it is SO neat! Cutie pie looks toooooo cute in her big brother's room! Love the description and the photos. Fabulous!

  5. LOL Great post....My girls love to hit up Tyler's room when he goes to school. LOL

  6. What a wonderful web you weave.... Wonderboy will plan paybacks someday! Watch out Sweetie Pie!!

    Loved reading your story, drew me in the minute I saw the mischief begin!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  7. What a lovely little blog you have here Dita! I'm loving your photo journalism with the teddy bear story and your son's room.

    You're a wonderful Mommy and friend. I miss YOU!

    Keep up the great work with your photography. I should come by here more often, huh!

    Hugs to you!


  8. Hehe, love this post. What a great room your son has and how cute that sweetie pie heads straight in there, she is precious.

    Barney is the one show that I CANNOT tolerate in this house. We have a lot of annoying stuff around here, but I draw the line at that scary purple thing. CAN'T.STAND.HIM. You're a better momma than I. :)

    Miss you, friend! Have a great week!

  9. I love how you told this. It should be written in a book and read y children everywhere.

  10. I love how you wrote this. It should be written in a book and read to children everywhere.

  11. Ava loves her brothers rooms and yes they are way off limits. But she is a sneaky thing and when all is quiet guess where I find her??? ha

    I have to admit Barney is one of Ava's favorites and I have listened to him for 14 years now!! We still have a Barney doll that is 14 years old that came back to life when Ava came home. It sings, talks and plays games with her and she loves it. My hubby said when she is done with it hopefully in the next year we will have a funeral for Barney and all his DVDs and say a long awaited good-bye to that Purple and Green nightmare!!! hehe

  12. Oh...Sweetie Pie is treading on dangerous territory. Lauren does the same thing when her big brother is in school. Last night she slept in his basketball jersey. These little girls sure love their big brothers...and the treasures that come with them. Your story sure had me in stitches. Pardon the pun.

    I love your new header!


  13. Oh my goodness. I'm happy to read your little secret, for I share the same secret. When G and M leave for school, little L heads straight to their rooms. Sometimes I feel a wave of guilt, but then it occupies her so nicely. It can't be THAT bad, can it? ; )