Making Christmas Memories 2008

We had a busy weekend....if the mother holds up until Christmas it'll be a miracle! I feel like a racehorse sensing a glue factory nearby. However, just when I think I can't fit one more thing into my day...I turn to see these two beauties smile and it makes it all worthwhile. Maybe the ole' gal's got a few more laps left in 'er after all!

Snow Day Take Two......

A second full day of snow and the kids are loving it.........

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Snow Day

No school, chicken soup, hot chocolate, homemade cookies....life is GOOD!

WonderBoy with his Favorite Pal

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My First Love

No words can describe how much I love this child! Just the sight of him brings me such joy every single day.

Gotta Be In It To Win It!

Wow...what a package! Hurry to enter The Rebel For A Cause Raffle-Way...you don't have much time left because ends at 11:59 pm, Central Standard Time on December 14, 2008. The MckRebel Prize Package will be in the winner's hands by Christmas.

The suggested donation is $10 per Raffle-Way ticket, but you can donate any amount you choose. Enter as many times as you wish. Each $10 donation buys you one ticket. The more tickets you buy, the more times you'll be entered in the drawing and the more chances you'll have to win the MckRebel Prize Package!!!

You'll be supporting 3 great causes. For more details and lots of photos of the awesome package, click on the link below