Yes she is.

She's a BIG Super*Why Fan.

One minute she's watching the show
and the next her little feet are pounding the floor
to her brother's room where she's raiding his drawers for
items for her "get up."

She has me rolling on the floor on a regular basis!

JRR Super Why BW WM


How Much Do You Love Them?

How much do you love those who love you?
Do you love them enough to make sure you take care of yourself?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mammogram Flower WM

For as long as I can remember, I have gone for an annual mammogram.
The uncomfortableness is miniscule in relation to
the peace of mind that comes from having an annual screening.

Do something special for those you love....
love yourself enough to get screened.


Real Life

I can now say, first hand,
that if you look deep enough into the eyes of the one you love;
allowing the day to day "noise" and fantasies of "perfection" to fall away...

Antique Kiss II Mntcl WM

You will remember the very first moment you realized
that you could not move forward without him
and that your life would never be the same.

Antique Kiss I Mntcl WM

You realize that he was the missing piece of your perfectly IMPERFECT life
and that he couldn't fix it all
but all of a sudden you were no longer alone...
which makes all the difference
well, then....
you just thank your lucky stars!

Antique Kiss Mntcl WM

(**special thanks to the Boy Wonder for taking these great shots
of the two people who love him most in the world....his parents!)

Whooo Hoooo....it's Black and White Wednesday
and the very last Wednesday that
Reagan Elizabeth WenYi Furey
will be separated from her Forever Family!!
It's finally HERE.....the last stop on the
Lisa and Marla will be here having dinner with me on Friday
and will be across the world in China scooping Reagan up on Monday morning!!
It's official.....I've begun holding my breath!

the long road


Love Notes

Last week I called JR in the middle of the day to tell him that a big project
I'd been working on for the past several weeks finally paid off.

My region was ranked #1 in the nation and I was very excited.

When I got off the bus from New York City at the Park and Ride lot
and walked to my car,
I noticed something in the door handle.


Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a love note...
written by WonderBoy and the Love Posse.


JR drove the kids to the parking lot that afternoon to search for my car.
They scanned the commuter lot for my car and found it
among the hundreds that are parked there each day (in no particular order!).

Have I mentioned I adore these people?

(and I know I'll remember that note far longer than the #1 rank at work!)


It's the Tender Moments

The tender moments between these two are the ones
that make all the times I want to pull my hair out....
completely fade away.

Well, for a while anyway.

This is Sweetie, fresh from her slumbers
watching her brother get ready for school.

Sweetie Couch School Oct 2010 WM

Here he is....Light of her life (and mine, too!).

WonderBoy Portrait Oct 2010 WM

She hates when he leaves for school;
especially if she oversleeps and he's gone before she gets up.

That's a free ticket to Meltdown Mania for me.
Front row seat.

She seems to be able to handle his leaving
if she spends a few minutes watching the morning scurry
(translation: my scurry since he is in no particular hurry!)

She reminds him, ever so softly,
that she needs her brotherly mornin' lovin'
before he gets on the school bus.

Kids Couch WM Oct 2010

And he always obliges.

Kids Kiss Couch

Yep, that's when I just can't help but feel the ends of my mouth curl up.
And my heart swell with pride.

It's the little things that are the biggest things, indeed.

How do I love them? Let me count the ways....

(and yes, that's Kiddie in tow...as usual, only now, he tucks Kiddie in right next to his baby sister when he heads off to school)