Love Notes

Last week I called JR in the middle of the day to tell him that a big project
I'd been working on for the past several weeks finally paid off.

My region was ranked #1 in the nation and I was very excited.

When I got off the bus from New York City at the Park and Ride lot
and walked to my car,
I noticed something in the door handle.


Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a love note...
written by WonderBoy and the Love Posse.


JR drove the kids to the parking lot that afternoon to search for my car.
They scanned the commuter lot for my car and found it
among the hundreds that are parked there each day (in no particular order!).

Have I mentioned I adore these people?

(and I know I'll remember that note far longer than the #1 rank at work!)


  1. Awwww... I love it! What a sweet family you have!!!

    Congratulations on your job and we all think your #1 too!!! =)

  2. They ARE the best. As are you!!!