It's the Tender Moments

The tender moments between these two are the ones
that make all the times I want to pull my hair out....
completely fade away.

Well, for a while anyway.

This is Sweetie, fresh from her slumbers
watching her brother get ready for school.

Sweetie Couch School Oct 2010 WM

Here he is....Light of her life (and mine, too!).

WonderBoy Portrait Oct 2010 WM

She hates when he leaves for school;
especially if she oversleeps and he's gone before she gets up.

That's a free ticket to Meltdown Mania for me.
Front row seat.

She seems to be able to handle his leaving
if she spends a few minutes watching the morning scurry
(translation: my scurry since he is in no particular hurry!)

She reminds him, ever so softly,
that she needs her brotherly mornin' lovin'
before he gets on the school bus.

Kids Couch WM Oct 2010

And he always obliges.

Kids Kiss Couch

Yep, that's when I just can't help but feel the ends of my mouth curl up.
And my heart swell with pride.

It's the little things that are the biggest things, indeed.

How do I love them? Let me count the ways....

(and yes, that's Kiddie in tow...as usual, only now, he tucks Kiddie in right next to his baby sister when he heads off to school)


  1. Touching to the point of tears. Damn you, your camera and your stunningly beautiful children and the words to melt my heart and smear my mascara.

    These are just amazing photos, get me a sponge to mop up the love the is obvious.

    Thank you for sharing your joy(s)

    Love V

  2. So sweet because to watch the two of your sweeties, I am reminded of my two. L is always sure to wish G a good day and the goodbye kiss. Then she stands at the front door and waits and watched until he gets on the bus. SO precious!

  3. Oh Dita, these are so precious. I have to say that the first pic of Wonder Boy might be one of my favorites of him EVER, it's just perfect. I am so excited that I get to meet these cuties soon!! :)

  4. These just may be your best shots of your darlings yet. They are beyond beautiful - way beyond!!! (Seriously, you have really developed a style - it's your coloring, your lighting, your mood. So great!)

    And now for what your post is about. Isn't it the truth. It's thoese moments that can melt your heart and fuzz away all the not so pleasant stuff. And I love how kiddie is being shared now. Huge steps in sharing. Wow, impressive.

    Marla's words made me twinge a bit but then I remembered "our plan". Hehe.... all is well. However - say a big hello (and goodbye) to the girls, off on their first step to the little one.

    Big hugs, my love!!

  5. What beautiful moments you have captured. I too have those tender moments mixed in with pure terror with my two little ones. It is a welcome site when they act so lovingly toward one another.

    Simply beautiful....


  6. Oh my goodness!! These two are just to peas in a pod! Love them and this tender moment between them. I'm sure there are also some "not so tender" moments too, but these are the ones that really count!