Lucky 13

I knew the day would come...but I never really knew...that 4751 days later;
I would be as madly in love with this boy...my little boy...even when he wasn't so little anymore.

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his shoe size matches his age
I mistake his clothes for his father's when I fold the laundry
his voice is cracking so much it even makes him laugh
we have an arsenal of Axe deodorant products and men's colognes on a shelf just for him
he gets our jokes
he has mastered the fine art of sarcasm
I have to crane my neck backward to talk to him
he smiles the most adorable smile when a pretty girl walks by
he marvels in the mirror at the muscles that have appeared on his arms and at the most amazing six pack abs he's developed
the girls get giddy around him
he still hugs his Mama; only I'm the one who gets wrapped in his arms instead of vice versa
he and his dad seem to have funny man secrets together that they won't let us girls in on
he dreams of going to West Point
he sneaks in and rests his favorite stuffed animal beside his sister as she lays sleeping; ready to let go
and that marvelous twinkle in his eye when he wants something...
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 still paralyzes me into complete submission (some things never change!)

Finally he is embarking on this amazing journey through his Teen Years...
hopefully he remembers to go easy with the wake...'cause Mama's in the dingy right beside him!

Happy 13th Birthday to my one and only 
You are loved beyond measure!


Snapshot Sunday: We're BACK!

It's been a very eventful Winter with lots of wonderful moments shared with my Darlings.  Of course, I captured it all in photos and I do plan on posting a few of my very favorites here to share them and remember them always.

My blog hiatus went much longer than I had intended.   I've certainly missed blogging and I've missed following the day to day lives of my favorite bloggers as well (you know who you are!)  I have lots of catching up to do and I'm excited to get back into the swing of things now that the Spring is here.  We've had lots of exciting (and unexpected) goings on over here...all good... and I'm hoping to fill you all in in my upcoming posts!

Diptych 3

My Sweetie has always been the perfect little muse for my photography addiction; but it seems she's really coming into her own now.

Diptych 4

Not a day goes by that my little pint-sized model doesn't 'strike a pose' for me wherever we are.  I often hear people chuckling as we walk down the street catching glimpses of her ducking into corners, storefront windows and leaning against walls for my camera.  

Diptych 1

Her serious face is the one that really cracks me up.  It seems as fast as she puts that pout on is as fast as those big brown eyes break into a mischievous glare, then grin ending in a smile beaming ear to ear....


....right along with her Mama!
Diptych 2

Hop on over to visit Stefanie at Ni Hao Y'all.
Not only is it never a dull moment over there
but she's decided to mix it up a little on Sundays going forward.

Ni Hao Yall

Can't wait to join in on the her new format...(not to mention vicariously travel to China with her AGAIN!)
Safe travels my Friend!