Ain't Nobody Like Nana

Way back to my earliest memory, my Nana was there with me.

The sound of her voice, the touch of her hand,
the wonderful (and very long) stories,
the silly jokes, the infectious laughter
and, of course, those big,
soul-filled and compassionate eyes of hers.

I've never met anyone quite like her.
She's been gone nearly 10 years
but in my heart she's never out of reach.

When I was with her I felt like the whole world could crumble around us
and I'd be right where I wanted to be;
in her arms and safe and sound forever.

I felt just like this...


Funny how life has a way of reminding us
that the past and the present really do meet.

My memories of my own yesterday come flooding back to me
as I watch my daughter's today reveal itself.

I feel so honored to be able to see that very special bond
grow stronger each day with her own grandmother.

To me, she is Mom but to my daughter, well,
she is Nana...and ain't nobody like Nana!

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The Dentist and Doin' Dishes

Saturday didn't start out very well.

The troops weren't happy.
Nope, they weren't happy at all!


WonderBoy had to get one of his pesky,
"hanger on-er" baby teeth pulled at the dentist.
This shifted his very protective baby sister into serious caretaker mode.

The tooth was out in a jiffy and even he admitted he never felt a thing
(but figured he'd milk it a bit).

So WonderBoy requested that we hit our
favorite lunch place to soothe his pride.
Who am I to refuse such a request in the face of
my little, er, ummmm, wounded soldier?


I tried to be good and order a vegetarian plate.
However, my almost nonexistent willpower was put to the test
as I watched the kiddos eating their usual;
a.k.a. The Dieter's Skull and Crossbone Delight!



It was a bit chilly but since WonderBoy was feeling no pain
and the sun wooed us to stay outdoors;
we strolled around town a bit enjoying the afternoon together
doing exactly what we wanted to do.

(yes, that's the WonderBoy, incognito, in the camo with his hood up...
hoping no one will recognize him walking on the street with his sister!)

We enjoyed the sights and partook in a little window shopping.





and handling of the merchandise.


We even squeezed a bit of the Charmin*!


Then I told WonderBoy it was time to do some dishes.
He was not amused...
that is, until he realized I wasn't kidding.


This kids each picked out their own project and got busy.


Hey, this was se-we-ious work!

(serious work, that is for Mama...
keeping the paint in the dish and not all over the table, floor, chair, her clothes, her hair...)

You could cut the determination for precision with a knife
on WonderBoy's side of the table.


Dentist? What dentist?!



The kids couldn't understand why we weren't taking their projects home on the spot until the shop owner explained that they'd need to spend some time
in the kiln for a few days before they could go home.
(The projects, not the kids!)

The notion of working on something, paying for it and then leaving it behind
wasn't going over too well until we spotted it from the window;
the perfect fix for what ails ya.


Whaddya mean you can't see it?
Look closer... (no, not him, Silly...he's mine!)


...its only the best frozen yogurt on the planet!

(pommegrante with mini chocolate chips....mmmmm!)

With bellies full it was time to head home...
to deposit a certain tooth

in a certain pillow with a magic pocket.


Topped off with a sweet smile to remind us
that our children are only this little just once.



Never underestimate

Peculiar Persuasion
of the

Pout PS

Purposely Pointed
to be
Pure Preciousness.

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Kids PS 1


a blue day,
a blue jay,
and a good beginning.

One crow,
melting snow-
spring's winning.

Elizabeth Coatsworth



Stranger on the Street

You may be on a crowded street corner in Times Square.
For a brief moment you are in a holding pattern
from your scurried walk to your destination...
waiting for the light to turn.

In a sea of strangers, you are alone.

You may forget or more likely, choose not to acknowledge him,
the stranger next to you...
the one who shares with you that
momentary ambulatory pergatory.

You wait there together in suspended freedom
right next to him;
unsure of whether to awkwardly look away
or to somehow acknowledge him
with an exasperated glance, a short hello or a silent smile.

After all, you'll never see him again.
He's just a stranger.
Your mother told you not to talk to strangers.

JR NYC Street BW Fixed BLOG

Next time you stand next to a stranger on a crowded street;
remember, he is not a stranger to those he comes home to.

He may be no one special to you.
But to those he loves and who love him, in return...
He may be their whole world.

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Sittin' Pretty


If you think its easy living with this level of extreme cuteness and
ever so slight reminders of baby chub
(look at those arms and hands)

Think again.


I just can't get anything done because
I am constantly interrupted by this compulsion nagging urge
to drop everything and just eat her up!


Everyday when I wake up
I swear I'm gonna go Cold Turkey
and every single day I fall off the wagon.

I admit it...I'm a junkie...a full-blown Sweetie Addict.



Without you,
there would be no Dita
and certainly, no Darlings.


Thank you for every single day you have given me...
given all of us.

Happy Birthday, Mom!
I love you.


Sunday in the Park with Papa


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Happy Birthday, TigerLily!

Eighteen years have passed since I first held you in my arms.


To me, it is a yesterday I will never forget.
I always thought today was a day so far off in the distance.


I have had the pleasure of watching you grow and loving you
for every single one of the 6,570 days you have been here with us.


I couldn't love you more if I gave birth to you myself.
To others you are my niece, to me you are my very first daughter.


You have become everything I ever hoped you'd be and so much more.


I am so incredibly proud of you.
I am forever grateful to share our unique bond.

Happy 18th Birthday, Baby!
I Love You!

(To see some more gorgeous pictures of TigerLily
and read just how special she is to me click HERE)


The Big Snow

Last Friday was one of those fabled Snow Days.

The kind that really delivers in the Snow-age department
but that isn't wind-whipping cold.
The snow was the perfect weight to play all day...no ice at all.

There was so much of it that not only was school closed but even
big companies like the one I work for closed their doors by late morning;
diverting calls to our Boca Raton office.

It sure wasn't a Boca day here but heck, on a day like this...
we opted to let'em keep Boca!

It was truly Glorious.

I knew the day was extra special because my Mom spent
hours outside with us watching the children while I shoveled
and stole some shots of them playing in the snow.
I don't ever remember my mother hanging out that long in the snow...ever!

Even the the sky was perfection.


And the street...a true Winter Wonderland.


Our little neighborhood snow militia began forming en mass,
as is their custom when the snow begins to accumulate.

There were pretty little girls.


There were adorable, mischievous boys.


The Snowmelier was at it again!


They were all busy little Snow Bees.


The stage was set.
The snowballs were made with care.


An arsenal was prepared.


They patiently and not so patiently waited for their target to show his face.

As their intended came into view I could hear the squeals of delight.

It was clear they were ready for the arrival of


As he stepped from his car, they gave him only a second to compose himself from a full day of work and to let it sink in that the troops were mobilized against him.

They did show a moment of weakness and let me throw him a pair of gloves.


As he told them to give him their best shot...


This gang showed no mercy!


They BOMBARDED him......


every one of them...down to the littlest one...beware of Pinky Tuscadero!

Our fabulous neighborhood gang!


Finally we went in to warm up and warm up!

We had such a fantastic day together we decided to crack open
a bottle of bubby to celebrate.
(check out the reflection of the snow in the glass from the window)


We ate some yummy homemade beef stew that Nana made.


We noshed on some pumpernickel, ham and gruyere panini.


And we kissed, or rather, woofed down a frog for dessert!


...but not before singing Happy Birthday!
(complete with consecutive lighting of birthday candles at least 6 times for Sweetie...
even though her birthday isn't until September!)


A Beautiful Day filled with Memories,
Happy (tired) Kids, Happy (tired)Adults....
Who could ask for more!