She's The One

This is my baby girl.

JRR Bath 700

The baby I waited my whole life to have...
and due to my procrastinating nature...almost missed.
The one I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to love
as much as I love my sweet baby boy.

The one who never forgets to say please and thank you.

The one that brings me a tissue when I tweeze my eyebrows
because she thinks it must hurt me and I'd need a tissue to cry.

The one who takes it upon herself to hold the vaccuum cleaner cord
behind me as I vaccuum; just to help.
The one who rushes to unpack the grocery bags when I return from
the supermarket and who puts
all the refrigerated items in their correct spot; first time out.

The one who hears the electric toothbrush (with her supersonic ears) on the other side of the house and comes running
to brush her own teeth along with you...
no matter that she just did the same with her father and her brother.
The one who cries real tears
when she wakes up in the morning (every morning!)
and sees her Daddy is gone to work already.

The one who adores her Nana more than almost
as much as she loves her Mama.

The one who tells her father from the backseat,
"Go easy, Papa" when he takes a turn a little too quick in the car.
The one who grabs my ears and pulls my face right to hers when she's tired.
The one who reminds me of the love I have for her father when I look at her.

The one who will walk through life with her brother long after we're gone.
The one who has brought us so much joy;
joy we never even knew we were living without
a mere 29 months ago.

And just so you know...I'm not the only one who adores her.
This was her brother's homework tonight.
He completed it before I got home from work and couldn't wait
to show me the second I walked in the door.

He was so proud and after he read it outloud to me well, I was so proud of him.

And to think...we never even knew what we were missing!

It's Black and White Wednesday again.
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  1. Just beautiful my dear. Your picture is so delightful. And your words just wrap your sweetie pie up in tulle and feathers.

    You paint with words. I always get a kick when I see you've written something substantial. And then I get ready for a treat! And you never disappoint!

    The way you describe you Sweetie Pie is how I feel about my Dahlia. And I love Wonderboys special possession. That was awesome!

    Have a great day.


  2. Wonderfully written love letter for your special girl.

    I struggle with the nature vs. nurture debate. I figure that with all your nurturing and love you allow the very best of her nature to come out.

    How lucky both of your children are to be so deeply adored.

    Wonderboy need his cheeks squeezed for such a sweet assignment.

    Love V

  3. What special children they are and beautiful too! Love the black and white. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Your posts are always so thoughtful, Dita. This one is just precious - from that adorable picture of your baby girl to your loving account of her sweet personality. Just beautiful!!

  5. Yes, she IS special. I know EXACTLY how you feel.

  6. Dita what a beautiful post : ) Love that shot of your baby girl : ) She is very special indeed.

  7. Now that is a keeper. *sniff, sniff*

  8. Such a beautiful post! I have one of those...He is 15 now and 6 feet 4inches...In a size 16 shoe...He has never changes. He wears his heart on his sleeve.

    May these darling children...with the special hearts never change.

    Love the Home Work! What a sweet boy you have:)

  9. She lives up to her name...Sweetie:) I always say that our children bring out the best in us and make us realize a love like no other.

    What a beautiful post. You are blessed with two very special children. That is a homework assignment to be proud of. He is such a wonderful big brother!!



  10. just beautiful. you have two special children.
    thanks for sharing . stopping over from b&w wed.

  11. Love, love, love that image of your sweet girl. Her expression is priceless.

    And as always you have such a way with words that describe your sweetie pie, the love you have for her and the relationship between your 2 so well!

    Have a great Wednesday and rest of your week!



  12. What a heart warming post. You are so lucky to both of your children in your life. I feel just as you do about my family.

    I love the look on your daughters face in your photo.... adorable!

    Happy Wednesday!

  13. This is just pefect Dita! I think this is my favorite B&W, by far!

    BTW - I see you got the big pictures!!! YAY!!!!

  14. That letter is so adorable, that is a keeper to show them later on!
    Your shot is beautiful, such a cutie. ;)

  15. Oh my goodness, what beautiful, funny and touching words you've shared about your daughter. Precious. Beautiful photo of her! And btw, I love your side bar, with the photos of all of you. Beautiful family :)

  16. The love for your famiy just screams from the paper and it is obvious that you have passed it on to them...What a beautiful family..inside and out!

  17. Adorable! And that letter is so sweet and touching.

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  18. I can see why she is a special possession. Love those expressive eyes! She sounds like a sweet, sweet little girl! YOu are blessed!

  19. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. She is a darling : ). I love the moment you captured in the bathtub! Those are some of my favorite picture taking moments. Well, they were any way. Now that Kaish is SO OLD : ) I better keep the camera out of there : )

  20. So so cute!!! I love the letter!

  21. That was the sweetest post I've read all day!! It's hard to fathom the love we have for our kids...I'm so glad you have your baby girl too!!!

    Love the blog makeover!

  22. OK, that just made me cry! What a precious post! And here I am going off about my maniacs on my blog, LOL. That letter is a treasure! A keeper for sure! Just like your sweet baby girl. :)

  23. i love the picture. but most of all, i love the thoughts that came with it. i am now looking forward to having an angel of my own. someday, i will :)

  24. Oh Dita, this post is totally sweet and adorable . . . I love how you love your Sweetie Pie. Wonderboy is the best brother - I'm sure you were bursting when you read this!

    hugs :)

  25. I love your appreciation for even the smallest of details. I see that WB is taking right after you.
    You bring hope to people Miss Beautiful Christina and make people think about what matters. Love your love for your family. Just precious.

  26. Love this post.LOVE.IT! How profound that at his age, Wonderboy sees his precious Sweetie Pie as his prized possession...and you are right, they will have each other for many years to come and that's a gift forever cherished. Wonderboy didn't write about material goods, he wrote about his beautiful baby sister. So special. You are raising two pretty awesome kids, my friend!
    I always know, no matter what my mood, I will come to your blog and leave feeling even better than when I came. Beautiful photographs, beautiful words.

  27. Dita, how is it I have missed so many posts?

    The letter that Wonder Boy wrote...oh my word!! I'm sure it will be one of Sweetie Pie's most prized possessions. To be so loved by a brother...wow! Good for Wonder Boy for being proud of his sister and not being ashamed to admit it!

    You should pat yourself on the back, mom! Well done! :)

    Love and blessings,

  28. This made me cry. Such sweet words...