The Big Snow

Last Friday was one of those fabled Snow Days.

The kind that really delivers in the Snow-age department
but that isn't wind-whipping cold.
The snow was the perfect weight to play all day...no ice at all.

There was so much of it that not only was school closed but even
big companies like the one I work for closed their doors by late morning;
diverting calls to our Boca Raton office.

It sure wasn't a Boca day here but heck, on a day like this...
we opted to let'em keep Boca!

It was truly Glorious.

I knew the day was extra special because my Mom spent
hours outside with us watching the children while I shoveled
and stole some shots of them playing in the snow.
I don't ever remember my mother hanging out that long in the snow...ever!

Even the the sky was perfection.


And the street...a true Winter Wonderland.


Our little neighborhood snow militia began forming en mass,
as is their custom when the snow begins to accumulate.

There were pretty little girls.


There were adorable, mischievous boys.


The Snowmelier was at it again!


They were all busy little Snow Bees.


The stage was set.
The snowballs were made with care.


An arsenal was prepared.


They patiently and not so patiently waited for their target to show his face.

As their intended came into view I could hear the squeals of delight.

It was clear they were ready for the arrival of


As he stepped from his car, they gave him only a second to compose himself from a full day of work and to let it sink in that the troops were mobilized against him.

They did show a moment of weakness and let me throw him a pair of gloves.


As he told them to give him their best shot...


This gang showed no mercy!


They BOMBARDED him......


every one of them...down to the littlest one...beware of Pinky Tuscadero!

Our fabulous neighborhood gang!


Finally we went in to warm up and warm up!

We had such a fantastic day together we decided to crack open
a bottle of bubby to celebrate.
(check out the reflection of the snow in the glass from the window)


We ate some yummy homemade beef stew that Nana made.


We noshed on some pumpernickel, ham and gruyere panini.


And we kissed, or rather, woofed down a frog for dessert!


...but not before singing Happy Birthday!
(complete with consecutive lighting of birthday candles at least 6 times for Sweetie...
even though her birthday isn't until September!)


A Beautiful Day filled with Memories,
Happy (tired) Kids, Happy (tired)Adults....
Who could ask for more!


  1. what a special day. it made me tear up reading this... because it has tresured memories and reminds me of the good times like this that i share with my family. u have a beautiful family you are very lucky

    Ria @ http://affamilycabral.blogspot.com/

  2. What a lovely tale and storyboard.

    I have to know do you always have a frog shaped dessert just laying around or is it a "FRIDAY" thing

    When the weather get's bad here I brake out the Ritz and some spray on cheese and we launch spit balls at one another.

    Not as enchanted as you, but we try.

    Love Valerie

  3. Great pictures, even though I'm sick of winter it really looks beautiful. Love seeing the kids in action! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Actually, Val...those of us who know we are going to be snowed in go to the supermarket and stock up on goodies the night before, Smarty Pants! Good thing I adore you or you'd be on the bus to Charm School!

    Dita Darling

  5. Can I come live with you guys! lol
    What a great day you had! Love your daughters little snow suit. Pinky Tuscadero would be jealous!

  6. Lol! I second Terri...Can I be you adopted 3rd child? I'll even help out with the dishes afterwards! :o) This looks awesome! I especially like that snow ball contraption! Kleber would have a field day with one of those!

  7. Hey Terri....get in line. I have first dibs!

    What a glorious, fun day that I know will be in your memory books forever. Now that's the way to embrace the inevitable and rejoice in all things. I love the way you spent your day and the way you re-told it. Unfolded like a movie. I just love the 'joie de vivre' you make happen in every setting.

    Now, little girl....about your pictures. The first couple of the sky and snow are stunning. The first one is downright paintable. It's gorgeous - a perfect capture.

    I really enjoyed this post. Almost felt like I was there. Maybe I should have been :)

    Have a great week-end. I hear it's almost Spring!!


  8. well what a fun day!!!!!!! I love the pictures LOL looks like such a fun snow ball fight....you guys have a lot of fun at your house...can I move in?

  9. What a beautiful post.

    I think it will be one of those that you will keep going back to time and time again. It is just perfect... right down to the last picture.

    We stock up for the snow too...Makes it more fun! :)


  10. What a great day and FABULOUS pictures my friend! Love it all!!


  11. I cannot stop laughing at the expression on the girls faces.....they meant some serious business!!! Poor JR....ahem, I mean, the biggest kid on the block....he had no clue what he was walking into.

    What a fabulous day that the kids will always remember......the pictures are beautiful Dita! That sky is AMAZING:)



  12. I feel like I just got done reading a good book ; )

  13. Ford turned to me and said "How does she get the most beautiful pictures? Looks like we are there!" I knew exactly who he was talking about. You have so much fun and the best photos! We are jealous!
    Happiness to you all!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  14. Oh Dita, how did I miss this post?!?!?! What a perfect day. The pictures are just awesome!!!!!

  15. I love SO many things about this post....

    We experienced a similar day recently while in PA.... the snow was unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was breathtaking (and I don't even like snow).... it truly felt like a magical land.

    Reading about your similar day just brought back such great memories.

    I love your photos.... the expressions.... the green frog.... the yummy looking food.
    Looks and sounds like a day full of wonderful!

  16. What fun that looks like! And bubbly always makes the day better!

  17. Bravo darling....I loved this post...it was fabulous.....great images of everything! ;)


  18. What an amazing day filled with great memories!! You touched all the bases on this one. What a special treat to read this post!

    Love and blessings,

  19. Happy Belated Birthday to your little sweetie. Your posts are so fun to read. The pictures are perfect and I feel as if I were right there with you. You do such a great job documenting your days!!