Ain't Nobody Like Nana

Way back to my earliest memory, my Nana was there with me.

The sound of her voice, the touch of her hand,
the wonderful (and very long) stories,
the silly jokes, the infectious laughter
and, of course, those big,
soul-filled and compassionate eyes of hers.

I've never met anyone quite like her.
She's been gone nearly 10 years
but in my heart she's never out of reach.

When I was with her I felt like the whole world could crumble around us
and I'd be right where I wanted to be;
in her arms and safe and sound forever.

I felt just like this...


Funny how life has a way of reminding us
that the past and the present really do meet.

My memories of my own yesterday come flooding back to me
as I watch my daughter's today reveal itself.

I feel so honored to be able to see that very special bond
grow stronger each day with her own grandmother.

To me, she is Mom but to my daughter, well,
she is Nana...and ain't nobody like Nana!

You guessed it, it's Black and White Wednesday.
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  1. Ahhh; that is so sweet for you to see the cycle replayed as you remembered it.

    My grandparents were "chosen" by me at 8 years old, but I know we were always meant to be a part of one another's life; it just took us a while to find one another.

    How wonderful that you were born into that relationship and it carried forward with your own mother and child.

  2. Such a great photo - it truly captures the emotions of the moment. Beautiful!

  3. Wow. I have tears in my eyes.
    My grandmother died shortly after 9/11.
    In a childhood of constant change, she was my one safe, stable place.
    I just bought my own mother a plane ticket to come visit us in June. It's been two years since she was here. My daughter was just 2.5 at the time.
    I am looking forward for them to have moments like those you have so eloquently written.

  4. Beautiful post my friend. (Hmm...today is a day of remembering for us both.)

    My Dahlia only had a few years with her "Nan" but she still remembers. They clicked from the first moment. That is a lovely memory to have.

    I'm so glad Sweetie Pie has both her Nanas. This shot is so perfect. It speaks volumes.


  5. You know I think you have the gift of words, but this time you didn't need any. The picture speaks for itself. The love between the two of them...is precious.

    Beautiful light on SP's face, stunning black and white. You should frame it. :)

  6. Beautiful, simply beautiful...both your words and the photo.

  7. As I look at your photos today, it brings me back to the same memories of my childhood with both of my grandma's. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving, Italian family that embraced the meaning of "family". Even though my children didn't get the opportunity to know their Nona's, they too have the love of their grandma to continue the meaning of family for years to come.

    Simply beautiful....

  8. Words can't express how beautiful this shot and your words are. Love it.

  9. How sweet! Glad SP is enjoying her Nana! I wish I had the opportunity to do a lot more of that growing up.

  10. I know that EXACT look on her darling little face. Linhsey makes it every time she is with her Nana!

  11. Yet another perfect post. Between your words and the photo, you nailed it once again! This is exactly the way every grandmother should be :)

  12. A beautiful moment captured Dita! Nana's are just the best and yes the past and the future do reconnect and when it does it is so beautiful! You have a beautiful family!

  13. Nana's are the BEST! My son had one and I used to joke with Mom that she loved him more than me and she actually admitted that it was true! Can't blame her for that though because grandchildren (I'm told) are the best kind of children! Unfortunately, my son only had Nana for a short time but I'm already looking forward to the day I'll be a Nana. Not a Grandma -- a Nana!


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  14. Beautiful post, beautiful picture, beautiful moment! What a blessing grandmothers really are and how bless your little one is to be able to share with her this precious moments!

  15. You can see the love and joy in this photo.
    I can almost feel my Grandma's arms wrapped around me, thank for taking me to that special place in my heart...

  16. God Bless our Nana's...Thank God our daughters can know them.

    "The past and the present really do meet." This line makes me miss my father so very much. But again, I thank God the past and present do meet.

    Like always.....I Love this post!

  17. What beautiufl memories etched in your mind. I cherish sweet memories of those who are gone now. It's wonderful your daughter will have the same type of sweet memories of her Nana! Love your post and gorgeous photo!

  18. Ahhhh what a wonderful picture to treasure! We dont have any grandparents close by for my kids to have this special bond with. I did as a child and Im sad my kids dont have the same thing. They might see there grandparents once every couple years if their lucky!
    :-( My parents once a year but just for a day or two.

  19. You are a wise woman and a wonderful daughter, as well as a great writer! Thanks for reminding me to cherish each day and those I love. Sweet dreams and night night!(Time in BKK now 01.12AM)

  20. Awwwww, what great shot, the love just jumps off the screen! Nana's (and Mimi's) totally rock!