Thankful Thursday: The Gift of Friendship

I don't have a little sister but, if I did...
I'd want her to be just like this special lady.


Three and a half years ago this stunning, young woman walked into my office and told me about herself. I knew instantly that she was not only the most qualified, polished, well-spoken and competent person we had interviewed for the open position, but that we were going to be fast friends.

Shortly after that first day, she and I decided to move to a new firm together and we have been working side by side there for the last 3 years. She saw me through my pregnancy and my whining while studying for the various licenses I needed to acquire in a short time frame for our new employer.

I smiled proudly as I watched her sail through her studies with ease and grace under pressure, as usual. I remember waiting in anticipation here (biting my nails) hoping all was going perfectly with the gorgeous ceremony she planned the week she and her fiance (now hubby) eloped to Mexico in a romantic whirlwind.

We share travel ideas, blog talk, Hollywood gossip, the love of photography and family, dieting and recipe ideas, fashion (her fashion sense and my fashion nonsense!) and so much more.

We've both had our ups and down in our own lives outside the office over the years but for me, I always knew I could count on Maddy being right there in my corner with just the right words and a hug...no matter what.

She is one of the most dedicated, hard working, honest, loyal, patient and genuinely kind people I know. She runs circles around everyone in the office both in skill and personality...but then again, she did that the first week we were there!

Capability and class...you either have it or you don't...
and this gal has ooddles of both to spare.

She is wise beyond her twentysomething years and
so truly thoughtful and generous.

She is a wonderful wife and the best big sister to her 3 younger siblings
that I have ever seen. EVER.

She is a role model for putting others before herself and that is her biggest flaw...that she often skimps on my friend Madeline in favor of others.

If I had to describe her in one sentence, I'd have to say she is a true gem;
one of those people who enriches your life just by being present in it.

Today, I am stepping out of my comfort zone
and moving on to a new adventure.

The hardest thing about doing this is knowing that I will not be
seeing my sweet friend Monday through Friday.
She has been the brightest and best part of each workday
and I always knew she had my back (both on and off the court)
no matter what was going on.

Lucky for me my MaddyGirl only lives a few minutes away from me and
I keep up to date on the happenings in her life by following her fabulous blog,

Madeline, I will miss you terribly but know this:
you're stuck with me forever and to me,
you will always be the little sister I never had.

Thank you for every single thing you have done for me these last 3 1/2 years.
Thank you for the wonderful gift of your friendship!

I love you dearly.

Dita Darling


  1. Today, I was already feeling blue, and when I read your post, the tears just started flowing. I'm going to miss you so much, Dita! You have not only been a wonderful friend and colleague, you have also been my mentor - my "life coach" - and the "Mama Bear" I so desperately needed. You've taught me so much about love and family and I'm forever grateful for the privilege of knowing you! To say that I'm sad that you're leaving is an understatement, I'm completely devastated! Our little adventure didn't turn out the way we had hoped, but I'm glad that through this process, we were able to bond and form a friendship that will surely last a lifetime.

    I know we only live minutes apart, but you know how terrible I am with keeping in touch! I hope you stay on top of me with that ;o)

    And though I'd selfishly hoped you'd stay, I know that this new move is for the best. Good luck in your new adventure! I love you so much & already miss you dearly.

    ~ Maddy

  2. Wow, a friendship like that is rare. How beautiful. Lucky you AND lucky Maddy.

    Today was a big day for you, my friend. New paths opening, old ones coming to an end. So much on the horizon for you. But with all change, it can be bittersweet.

    Enjoy this long week-end and be extra good to yourself.

    And a very Happy Easter to you and your lovlies!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a beautiful person inside and out. It's always hard starting something new in life, especially when you have such wonderful friends that you see each and every day. Good thing you live so close to one another. Now you have to look forward to the new chapter to begin.

    Happy Easter!

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  5. What a special friend you have!

    Good luck and how exciting to be starting a new adventure!!!!

  6. Oh...I'm in tears...

    What a beautiful tribute so such a gorgeous friend! It sounds like you are both a blessing to one another. I can only imagine how Maddy will miss you.

    I suppose this means a huge congratulations is in order for you!!! I pray that wherever your new venture is taking you...that it will be the perfect fit for you!

    Love and hugs from St. Louis...

  7. Popped over here from Maddy's blog. How beautiful that you all formed such an amazing connection!

  8. Christina what a beautiful post and tribute to your friendship with Madeline. I wanted to wish you luck on your new adventure...you are going to do awesome!!!!! I know it!!!! I know that things will change a bit but I know you will rise to the occasion and be fantastic!!! I am very excited for you!!! {{{hug}}}

  9. What a beautiful post of a very special friend!!

    She sounds like a amazing person!! Look forward to checking out her blog.

    Cant wait to hear about your new adventure!! Im sure you will be awesome at it!

  10. Hello there stranger!!!

    I am just catching up with you and your Darlings....looks like you have been busy:)

    These was such a sweet post......although I just "met" Maddy through her blog, I can tell she is everything that you described. I am sure after all this time you have spent together, it was hard to move on and know that she will not be coming with you on your new venture!! Best of luck to you and to Maddy.......you are two incredibly strong and amazing women:)