Happy Birthday, WonderBoy

WonderBoy Texture

You were born 4,018 days ago today.
3,899 days ago, you made a crash landing straight into my arms.
On that day, I had no idea the immeasurable joy you would bring to my life;
all of our lives.

I have cherished every.single.day.


As I reflected this morning on all the WONDER that is you;
I re-read what I wrote about you exactly one year ago today.

One day you will read this blog yourself and you will know
that since the very first day you arrived on Earth, I have loved you.

There is not a moment of my life that goes by that I am not thinking of you
and loving you from the very core of my soul.


Today you are 11 years old...
and although I will never forget the precious little boy
that forever lives inside of you;


I stand in awe each day as I watch you grow
into a young man before my very eyes.

Today you insisted that we stand nose to nose and as I stared into those gorgeous midnight brown eyes of yours, incredulous at the rate you're growing,
I reminded you that height and authority do not go hand in hand.
I'm still the Boss, Baby!


These past few months you've actually skipped over whole clothing sizes.

Need I mention the shoe issue?
Your feet are growing at such a rapid rate
even I can't keep up with what size you're wearing.
It seems like I'm in the shoe aisle every week...the wrong aisle.

Try as I do, I still can't quite wrap my arms around the fact
that your foot is a Men's 10 and I can no longer shop in the Boy's department!


Your charm and charisma are no match for mere mortals.
Even the teachers that you drive crazy every single day
in school are powerless under your spell.
Believe me, I know because they always start the conversation out
with what antics you pulled that day and end with a smile and
glint in their eye telling me that even though you are such a little minx;
you are so smart and so much fun to have in their classroom.


That brings me to the way the girls in your school get so giggly around you.
I know you don't quite get it yet since you ask me
if they think you're that funny.
Actually, my dear, you're funny but you're not that funny.

It's your dangerously devastating good looks that are
leading them down the Giggle Path.
I'll bet your name is written on the inside cover
of every girl's notebook in the 5th Grade (a dozen times each!)
as they dreamily doodle what their own name
would look like with your last name attached to it.


Prince Charming, indeed.

So, we celebrated a little differently this year than we did
for last year's birthday and actually spent the whole weekend
just doing all your favorite things.
(pictures to follow)

Wouldya do me a favor, my Darling...SLOW DOWN!
I want to continue to savor every minute of your childhood
because as I have seen these last 11 years;
it is flying by at lightning speed.



We love you,
Mama, Papa and your little Sweetie Pie

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Why does this make me cry? He was/is sooooo adorable. So sweet and handsome and the charm comes across the screen.

    I believe you when you say how fast it goes....they slip away a little bit everyday.

    Your devotion and love for him are palpable and touching to behold.

    How blessed you are to have one another.

    Family is a beautiful thing.

    Love Valerie

  2. Happy Birthday to your Wonder boy! What a wonderful post...he is a gorgeous young man. Hope his day is as special as he is.

  3. Happy Birthday Wonder Boy! What a joy you are to your family (and your mom's readers/friends too :)

    I can definitely see what the spell is you cast on those teachers/girls and your Mom!

  4. Happy Birthday WB!!!

    Surprisingly, 11 is the one birthday I actually recall somewhat vividly from growing up.
    What a handsome young man to compliment the beautiful family surrounding him.
    While I know you would rather things slow down :) I can't help but be excited to see the future unfold for this young man.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your handsome young man!

    His charm is quite obvious from his pictures and how he engages with the camera (and with you, the love of his life).

    Can't wait to see what the future holds for him...and yes it all goes way too fast doesn't it? (sigh)

  6. Happy HAPPY birthday! He and Asher share a common shoe size, OH MY! Big boys!!
    LOVE the pictures you chose for this post, Dita! The b/w of you two made me want to cry! So sweet! And clearly, you love this boy so much... what a blessing you are to each other :)
    Big hugs to you ALL!!
    P.S. It was so great to see you on the Sunday Snapshot link! FUN!!

  7. What a handsome boy you've got, sounds like he's quite the charmer with the ladies!

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Your gifted words always make me think and your photos always make me smile.

  9. Happy Birthday Wonder Boy!! I wish I could give you a big bear hug right now! You might have passed Mom in height, but you still have a few more inches to catch up with me ;o) I hope your birthday is everything you wished for and so much more! I hope you know that you are loved and cherished everywhere you go!



  10. Beautiful post to your handsome young man. LOVE the pic and you and him together, you look like one proud momma. Can't wait to hear all about his birthday weekend!

    Pretty cool that our biggest boys are only 2 days apart! Jakob will be 11 on Wednesday.


    Oh Dita, this post has me crying, laughing, smiling and full of goosebumps. Your boy has to be that exceptional but the way you describe all the different layers of your heart just confirms to me what an extraordinarily exceptional sweet soul YOU are!!!

    And I miss you too.xoxo

    Can't wait for all the pics of your week-end celebration.

  12. What a beautiful post for such a special day. Happy Birthday to your Wonder Boy! The years do seem to pass ever so quickly... hold on tight for the ride has only just begun!

  13. Oh, so precious.....
    Happy Birthday Wonder Boy!

  14. Happy birthday to a very handsome young man with the best smile ever!!!

  15. Has another year passed already? I feel like I just read your post about his last birthday, with those amazing pictures attached. He is one handsome boy, with a charming smile, and gleam in his eye! I hope Wonder Boy had the best birthday weekend ever! And you too, Mamma...cuz 11 years ago, you became something pretty special to him as well.

    Happy Birthday to you both!

  16. Found your blog via "Sunday Snapshot"...

    Wow! You have an amazing young man!!!
    How blessed you are!!!

    Hang on, the next 11 years go by even faster!!!!

    I love the photos and your style of writing!!

    So glad I found you....

  17. Happy Birthday to your handsome, handsome boy!!! I enjoyed looking back at the cute little man that he was and the fine young man he is becoming.

    You have such a way with expressing your adoration... simply heartwarming!

    I hope you are doing well and that your new endeavor is going great!

    Love and blessings,

  18. The love for your son fills my heart to the brim that I can’t help but cry when I read what you write about him.

    Happy Birthday Wonder Boy :) I hope you had a day as wonderful as you!

  19. Dita,
    What a beautiful tribute to your Wonder Boy!

  20. Oh my..... your words always get me teary eyed. What a beautiful post and tribute to Wonder Boy...... it has been an amazing 11years, hasn't it? I adore the pictures.....look at him......cute as can be.....and that personality just shines through in each and every photo!!

    Happy Birthday Wonder Boy!!!

    With Much Love,

    Lisa, Pat, Nick, and Sarah