Easter Memories

Easter Sunday was as perfect as could be this year.

There was an abundance of food, wine and beautiful Spring weather
along with the opportunity to share the magnificent day
with those we love.

And a certain "Bunny" made his way here leaving an Easter egg hunt and
goodies behind for the the kids.

(Of course Kiddie got into the act too...since, he comes from a long line of bunnies himself
and loves a good carrot cake!)






















  1. Oh Dita,

    These photos are just gorgeous! really beautiful . . . love SP in her flower clip and pink dress - so sweet.

    I gotta love a girl who has Penfolds Shiraz Cab. yummmmmm! (and Australian too :)

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! And what is that main dish? It looks so! very! scrumptious! You really can't post a photo of that without including the recipe, Dita. I mean, I'm just saying...

  3. Oh your pictures are beautiful! Looks like the Easter bunny had a fun time visiting your home. I must say out of all your pictures, my favorite is of the Italian Easter Pie. It looks delicious! Being of Italian descent, I'm very biased when it comes to good food. I think we are the luckiest people around to have been brought up with such yummy food to celebrate each and every holiday.

  4. your pictures are gorgeous (as I am drooling all over myself at all the yummy sweets). Looks like you had a wonderful Easter...and look at your beautiful children...can they be any cuter!!!!!
    Hope you enjoyed your first week of your new job? I hope all went well...Here's to a wonderful second week!!!

  5. This doesn't look anything like my Easter celebrations...I'm guessing you didn' hit the local $1 store as we did.

    I am milking their incrediably easy to impess minds for as long as I can. You like a balloon and stickers, here you go!

    Do you ever do anything 1/2 way? I know the answer.

    It looks lovely and so you!

    Perfectly perfect.

    Love V

  6. Yummy, I'm heading to your house next Easter, your feast looks delicious! Love all the pics, especially of your cuties. Sweetie looks precious with her hair all pulled back.

    Have a good week, I hope things are going well with the new job and that you get all settled in soon. Smooches, my friend!

  7. Wow!!! What an Easter Feast you enjoyed! And don't get me started on all the delicious baskets! Good thing I wasn't there because how could I resist all these goodies :)


    Okay next year do you want me send me my address...just incase you want to invite just a few friends...who love your blog very much:)

  9. Oh Wow.........I can hardly imagine what your Easter would have been like if you hadn't had the month you're having.

    It all looks gorgeous - with all your sweet touches and decor. Love sweetie pies hairdo too. She's like 2 going on 12.

    (Hang in there my friend. Remember....baby steps.)

  10. Your Easter celebration has me thinking I might be hungry right now...yum. Love how Kiddie showed up too! ;)

  11. All I can say is WOW!!!! What a beautiful looking Easter and what amazing food! yum.

  12. Your pictures are perfect!
    What a wonderful feast for the eyes; I am sure the children loved the candy but adults could only sit back and relax enjoying the beauty surrounding. Lovely!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  13. She is so beautiful! I don't know how I missed this post. Do you mind if I add her to the SJB Easter photo album?
    Your food looks so delicious. Wow, you really know how to do Easter :)

  14. Okay Dita! Who are you!?! A professional photographer, baker, chef, or party planner and basket maker!?!

    You really amaze me with your posts! Wherever you live... I'm coming one day and your going to show me the way!!!!!!!

  15. Dita Darling,
    Ah, you must email me. My computer crashed two months ago, then again, and once again.......lost all my email contact list......and then it crashed one last time and I had to buy a new computer. Also can't find your number.......well, I never said I was the most organized woman in the world! So now I am forever without your email til you email me back. Email me soon....I so miss you! Wonder Boy as cute as ever and Sweetie is so grown up now!
    Your sunny cuz!
    PS I love the photos! Now, tell me, was that Easter Pie? It looked amazing.

  16. Pics are very good. you are a good writer also.