Thankful Thursday

Thankful for this beautiful little smile
that succeeds every single time
in turning mine into an exact mirror
whenever I see her!




And thankful for the stellar Matilda Jane dresses
my little Fashionista received as a special gift from
the famed House of Addison Mooney.

Miss Addison is a pint-sized fashion icon who,
by reason of a growth spurt,
generously sent some of her closet East.

Boy, did Sweetie LUCK OUT!
You can visit the new Spring Line
of the Addison Mooney Collection HERE.

This is one of several frocks (whoo hoo!) completely
that Sweetie inherited.

I just can't get enough of her in these babies.
Keep an eye out 'cause there's several
more to come through the Summer and Fall!

Thankful....yep, thankful, indeed!


  1. I have a huge smile on my face looking at SP. She is a pretty girl...and I see so much of her mama in her.

    I'm quite sure she'll wear those beautiful dresses well. Love the cow spots (I think?) on the top of the jumper. ADORABLE. :)

  2. These are beautiful pics of SP!! She's becoming quite the model too! It looks like she loves the camera & the camera loves her back! And I adore the dresses! Perfect for the budding fashionista! And the fact that Addison Mooney had them first...well in the fashion world that's called vintage, baby ;o)

  3. Oh my gosh she looks beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for your generous post...you are so darn sweet!!! Cleaning closets this week (I keep putting it off but am actually going to do it) there are plenty more clothes coming to Miss Sweetie!!! I have a ton!!! So get ready the Mooney line is coming soon : ) Hope you are enjoying your new job?

  4. She looks adorable as always! Love the MJ frock. My daughter has a similar one and would wear it everyday if I let her. They have such amazing clothes. Can't wait to see more...

  5. Oh My!!! They are absolutely beautiful kids!!!!

  6. I noticed the Matilda Jane clothes right away! Very cute!

    How sweet of Miss Addison to give you the great outfits!

  7. Love this!!These little Addison vintage frocks are perfect on your mini diva-in-training.

    Talk about peaches and cream complexion though. Your first picture is gorgeous. SP's skin is so dewey , and the color!!!! Oh. (Oh wait, are you using that magic cream on her too? Uh-huh....that's why you two look like twins. I get it!! Not to mention your "get out of my way, I might hit you" eyelashes that you both have.)


    Hope your week-end is fun and restful, my friend.