WonderBoy has been practicing Judo
three times a week for nearly four years.

He decided it was time to give Judo a rest for a while
so that he could experience some other activities.

This Spring he chose swimming.

Although he's a real fish in the water, especially underwater;
he doesn't know any of the formal strokes and can be a bit haphazard
when he swims above the water.

We thought he'd really enjoy going to a local University for swim lessons
especially given the chilly Winter we've had.

Turns out the President of his Fan Club sits front and center;
cheering him on the entire time and she can kick it up a notch...
don't let her tiny size fool you.

Though he pretends not to hear her across the pool;
that sly little smile of his begins to curl up the ends of his mouth
the second he gets out of the water as he makes
a mad dash right over to her.

She can barely contain herself out of excitement as he approaches.
I hope these two will cheer one another on and
be each other's biggest supporters throughout their lives.

It sure does my heart good!







There's no other love like the love for a brother.
There's no other love like the love from a brother.
~Astrid Alauda


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Black and White Wednesday.

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  1. Fabulous pictures! You can clearly see the love between brother and sister in them.

  2. Dita,

    As always, my heart does a little dance each time I visit. What a beautiful relationship these two share. How do you not just eat them up all the time. (Oh yeah....you do!)

    That reminds me, I have to enroll Dahlia in swimming this year again. We missed last year.

    Love all these blk&whites, my friend. And I confess I quivered a bit at Sweetie Pie's leggings. ( A convetous quiver.)

    Hope your new pattern is becoming more comfortable. And about that finding a solution for that fatique thing - let me know if you discover the secret. (Please, I beg you!)


  3. You are such a good writer, I just love your posts! That first photo is really gorgeous - great composition! I really like the swimming ones in b&w too - it adds so much to them (and takes away distractions I guess?!) your two have such a wonderful relationship - I'm sure they will always be good friends!

  4. oh my goodness, what sweet photos. seriously brought tears to my eyes. so sweet, love them in black and white!

  5. Love them ALL!! Muy lindas tus fotos! Gracias por compartir!

  6. I love these. Especially the ones with a reflection. The window... the water... it all looks so beautiful in black and white.

    And the words you put with them are beautiful too!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  7. Oh goodness, you did it again! Gave me chills. I love reading about siblings who truly love and support each other. Your words perfectly described that. And your photos are stellar! Great job!

  8. Sigh....it definitely does a heart good to see two people so devoted to one another.

    I wish I knew the way to ensure sibling love lasting a lifetime, it hasn't always been so for me and my siblings, but my childhod memories are priceless.

    With you as their role model for loving relationships, it will surely take.

    So good to hear your voice today ;-))

    Love V

  9. Love the last photo; he's so caring and takes the time to make his little sister feel special!
    Love the series of B&W pics!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  10. These two are meant to be together forever - the perfect love story!! Though it's true that there's no bond quite like that of siblings, it's your unlimited and undivided "pool" of love for both that makes this relationship so special.

  11. Great pictures....and sport and brother! Love it all!

  12. What a great, heart warming post! There is nothing like seeing your children love each other...even when they are trying so very hard to hid it :) He would be lost without her cheering. That is when you know your something right.

    Beautiful Pictures!

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! I love the president of his fan club! She is the cutest little president EVER! :) Glad he is having fun!

  14. I love seeing your children together. Their bond is so beautiful.

  15. Dita...

    What a beautiful post! My kids both take swimming lessons and love it too! I think the love that two siblings share is awesome. It brings a smile to my face looking at your wonderful pictures. You can definitely see the love they share.

  16. Aw, SO sweet! Siblings are the best, no doubt about it.

  17. I love the bond between your boy and girl... it is beautiful to watch.

  18. I love all these photos!!! What a special bond they will have over the years to come, just so sweet!!

    Her hair is getting so long, love the doggie ears (piggy tails) that is what Ava calls them! ;-)

  19. Great images, and I love the tenderness between them!

  20. Love the brother and sister bond.... what a beautiful blessing!!!

  21. Dita you always capture such beautiful moments!!! These are so precious : ) You are so right...there is no great love then that between a brother and sister...my boys adore their sisters. These are the pictures that in 20 years you will look back on and cry happy tears....hope you are doing well...I have thought of you a lot lately with all your life changes...I know you will handle it all like a Champion!!!

  22. I always love coming over to see your black and white Wednesday, Dita. The last image is so special and shows their relationship...beautiful! There is nothing like a sibling relationship.

    Grace has been taking swimming lessons now for 3 years and is about ready to 'graduate.'