The Dentist and Doin' Dishes

Saturday didn't start out very well.

The troops weren't happy.
Nope, they weren't happy at all!


WonderBoy had to get one of his pesky,
"hanger on-er" baby teeth pulled at the dentist.
This shifted his very protective baby sister into serious caretaker mode.

The tooth was out in a jiffy and even he admitted he never felt a thing
(but figured he'd milk it a bit).

So WonderBoy requested that we hit our
favorite lunch place to soothe his pride.
Who am I to refuse such a request in the face of
my little, er, ummmm, wounded soldier?


I tried to be good and order a vegetarian plate.
However, my almost nonexistent willpower was put to the test
as I watched the kiddos eating their usual;
a.k.a. The Dieter's Skull and Crossbone Delight!



It was a bit chilly but since WonderBoy was feeling no pain
and the sun wooed us to stay outdoors;
we strolled around town a bit enjoying the afternoon together
doing exactly what we wanted to do.

(yes, that's the WonderBoy, incognito, in the camo with his hood up...
hoping no one will recognize him walking on the street with his sister!)

We enjoyed the sights and partook in a little window shopping.





and handling of the merchandise.


We even squeezed a bit of the Charmin*!


Then I told WonderBoy it was time to do some dishes.
He was not amused...
that is, until he realized I wasn't kidding.


This kids each picked out their own project and got busy.


Hey, this was se-we-ious work!

(serious work, that is for Mama...
keeping the paint in the dish and not all over the table, floor, chair, her clothes, her hair...)

You could cut the determination for precision with a knife
on WonderBoy's side of the table.


Dentist? What dentist?!



The kids couldn't understand why we weren't taking their projects home on the spot until the shop owner explained that they'd need to spend some time
in the kiln for a few days before they could go home.
(The projects, not the kids!)

The notion of working on something, paying for it and then leaving it behind
wasn't going over too well until we spotted it from the window;
the perfect fix for what ails ya.


Whaddya mean you can't see it?
Look closer... (no, not him, Silly...he's mine!)


...its only the best frozen yogurt on the planet!

(pommegrante with mini chocolate chips....mmmmm!)

With bellies full it was time to head home...
to deposit a certain tooth

in a certain pillow with a magic pocket.


Topped off with a sweet smile to remind us
that our children are only this little just once.


  1. What a wonderful day. I want to live with you all.

    Even the dentist was painless?

    Where do I get the pillow and tooth box....I guess I'll be needing these items soon enough.

    What does the tooth fairy pay these days...I remember a couple years where she forgot and all I had in the morning was a dead tooth under my pillow, she was getting old back then, I wonder if she's been replaced.

    Love Valerie

  2. Hello Dita!!!!

    I'm sorry I haven't been by in a while. Oh how I've missed these beautiful posts...

    I want to come live with you...please!!! :)

    After a day like that who would remember the dentist? We have a ceramic place nearby called "Glazed and Confused" My kids love it!

    As always...your photos are amazing! I'm still waiting for Dita's first edition to her magazine. I promise you it would be a hit!


  3. What a beautiful post...I always enjoy them so much.

    What a great way to spend the day with the family. Even if it started out with the dentist. I love the fact your little one protects her brother so much. She IS darling. They both are.

  4. What a perfect day (except for the dentist!).
    We don't have anything neat like the doin dishes store or the yogurt place here. I really need to get out of this town! lol

  5. So happy that WB's dentist visit day turned out extremely well...love the last pic of him smiling with his pillow.

    I'd also love to find out where you got that cute pillow and tooth box.

    Take care. :)

  6. You know, my friend - you may have to consider your own reno as you have a lot of offers to expand your family. Everybody wants to live with you (me included).


    What a fun and interesting day. Love those ceramic studios. Dahlia was invited to a b-day party at one last week and leaving with no prize met with a great deal of disappointment by all the kiddos. That's hard in an instant gratification culture they live in now.

    Love all the pictures of your loved ones. Smiles, pouts and gorgeousness abounds.

    Have a great week!

  7. Only you can turn what started off as a "crappy" day into a fantastic adventure! I'm still available for adoption, in case you were wondering ;o) I can also drive - that has to win some points in my favor!

    I also spotted some familiar surroundings, and some not so familiar (...Red Mango I'm looking at you!). I'll have to check these out soon, because if there's anything I've learned over the years is that you, my friend, are usually spot on with stuff like this!

  8. I can only imagine how special your boy must to felt! How nice to do all those things for him and cheer him up! You town looks so beautiful! I see spring is really there already! we are still waiting here! Take care!

  9. What a fabulous day after a dentist visit!!! I wish my trips to the dentist were followed by the kind of day you described... maybe I need to start a new tradition... dentist followed by fun day!

  10. What fun! Tell Wonderboy that I am proud of him for being so brave at the dentist. Thanks for sharing your day. :-)

  11. What a fun day!!! I love love the coat little Miss is wearing!!

  12. I love your writing, the day may not have been perfect (pretty darn close!!) but the love and attention with your family is amazing. You let us see how it should be; love without judgment. Enjoying the stroll, enjoying the smiles that come with each new turn in the road.
    You make us wonder how we can ever be so perfect; but we can, enjoying our moments that are right for only us.
    Write a book, please.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  13. Awwwww, now that looks like one perfect day. That yogurt is killing me though, I'm just on my way to workout now. I will be dreaming of those chocolate chips tonight. :)

  14. Forget me, the Tongginator wants to live with you, too. Especially since that incognito photo fits right in with what she's used to. *grin*

    Glad y'all had such a fun day, despite the pulled tooth. (And I had eight teeth pulled for that very reason when I was younger.)

  15. What a day! Your words and pictures make me feel like I was there. Thanks!