Happy Birthday, TigerLily!

Eighteen years have passed since I first held you in my arms.


To me, it is a yesterday I will never forget.
I always thought today was a day so far off in the distance.


I have had the pleasure of watching you grow and loving you
for every single one of the 6,570 days you have been here with us.


I couldn't love you more if I gave birth to you myself.
To others you are my niece, to me you are my very first daughter.


You have become everything I ever hoped you'd be and so much more.


I am so incredibly proud of you.
I am forever grateful to share our unique bond.

Happy 18th Birthday, Baby!
I Love You!

(To see some more gorgeous pictures of TigerLily
and read just how special she is to me click HERE)


  1. What a beautiful young lady, your special niece, your first daughter.
    I love the first picture of the two of you. Your love for her is sublime.

    I know a little how you feel as I have my beloved Natasha who fills a very similar position in my life.

    What a gift they are. I'm sure Tigerlily is so grateful for your special bond with her. Wow, she is so lovely!


  2. Happy Birthday Tigerlily! What a beautiful young lady, her eyes are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Happy Birthday Tigerlily.

    You are the cool Auntie...huh?

    Love the photo of you....so Brooke Shields looking.


  4. Happy Birthday, Tigerlily!
    So Beautiful! What a special time in her life! If only I coud turn the clocks back to when I was 18 ;o) Enjoy the ride, Tigerlily!

  5. Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady.
    God's perfect will for your life...

  6. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!! Enjoy your day!!! : )

    Beautiful pictures Auntie Dita

  7. Happy Birthay to your beautiful niece!!! And oh...to be 18 again. (sigh)

  8. Happy Birthday Tigerlily!!!

    She is beautiful......and as always, so are your words!

    Hope she had a wonderful and fun filled day:)



    PS. Love that first picture of you both....OMG, look at you!!

  9. What a beautiful you women!
    Happy Birthday!

  10. What a sweet post. Happy happy bday to your lovely niece!

  11. Happy (belated) birthday to your gorgeous niece... and yes, she sounds like a very special young lady.

  12. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl...just like her Auntie! :)

  13. Amazing pictures Dita! You've captured TigerLily's beauty so perfectly. Hard to believe she is 18 and heading off on her own. She is such an amazing young lady.

  14. Dita... I tell ya... each time I stop by your blog I get tears in my eyes.
    Your posts always touch me and leave me feeling refreshed!!!!