Pumpkin Picking

WB Pumpkins
Sweetie Proud Pumpkins

Kids Pumpkins Bench

Kids Kiss Pumpkins

WB Large Pumpkin


  1. What a perfect shirt to go to the pumpkin patch in!!! Man oh man is your son gorgeous!

    Great pics Dita!!!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness !!! These are precious shots. The kissing one? Just get me a spoon! And the last one - I just love everything about it. The composition - the coloring - the angle - the model - the props............

    But really - what stunned me is the first shot of this M.A.N. you call your boy. How did that happen? Will I have to stand on my tippy toes next week to plant a kiss on that cheek?

    Great post Dita - wonderful memories captured.

    Love ya.

  3. Why does wonder"boy" look like a GIANT in these shots. What is he like 6'6".

    Those pumpkins are on steroids and he looks like he could put sweeti-pie in his pocket.

    Whatever you are feeding him - stop it. He is ready to move out and run for president.

    Aside from that, I love everything.


  4. Beautiful shots Dita...I love anything pumpkin and then add 2 beautiful children and it just gets better!

    The one of SP kissing her big brother is precious! Hope you're enjoying our Fall.

  5. Beautiful shots of two beautiful children!

  6. Look at that handsome boy!! He's getting bigger and taller by the second! And SP too....they look so big and beautiful!!!

  7. oh my goodness....look at your BIG GUY!!!! I can't get over it...He is so big and so grown up!!! ok feeling really old right now..
    Love the pictures...and look at Miss sweetie giving kisses...so cute. Love the vibrant colors. beautiful!!!!

  8. Those pumpkins are divine! Oh, and so are the children ; )

  9. Your son is a young man now. He looks so much older in this series of photos. These are wonderful!

  10. I suppose it is not my imagination that Wonder Boy appears to have gone thru a growth spurt? :)
    He is now a larger hunk of handsome! Is he looking you in the eyes yet? My son sure is...although it doesn't take much...I'm only 5'2"
    And that Sweetie Pie of yours...precious as ever! She appears to be on a mission with her pumpkin of choice. I love how little ones find little pumpkins. So sweet!
    As always...your photos are breathtaking!