Is it Trick or Treat?

WildChild has already begun looking out for Trick or Treaters.
She's perched herself on the chair at the front window.


She doesn't realize that she's a day early
and that except for a wayward UPS man and the occasional schoolbus;
there won't be any Trick or Treaters today.


She knows there's candy for the kids next to the door
and she wants to be the one to give it out


Surveying the stray candy wrappers strewn around the floor of my living room,
the rapidly disappearing bowl of goodies
and the knowledge that the wait is going to be about 24 hours longer...
I guess I'd better head out for more candy!


Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh, these photos are just gorgeous. What a mood they set - and such a beautiful subject.

    Have fun with your litte trick or treater!

  2. These are adorable...I know it's hard for them to wait isn't it? My 2 can't stand it and have been talking about Halloween for weeks. Have a fun one!

  3. Too cute :) My kids are really excited too!

    These photos are all gorgeous however the last one is super duper gorgeous!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. I just want to pick up that cute little pumpkin and hug her to pieces! She can cover over here and eat all the candy she wants...because she is that sweet!

    Sometimes do you stand in awe of her? Your pics are always so beautiful.

    Have a fun Halloween!

    Mom to Batman and Snow White :)

  5. Oh I love these pictures! The last one is my favorite! I also love the story to go along with the pictures. Anna Grace is a candyholic at our house and would eat it all day is we let her!

  6. She is such a stunning child. I hope she has a wonderful time tonight. I hope you will post her in her costume.

  7. Oh she is so beautiful!! I LOVE HER DRESS....so adorable.

    It is so much fun to watch them go through the anticipation of the big event....isn't it?

    Happy Halloween to you all!

    See you this week:)



  8. Gorgeous photos... this post and last.
    Love the dress!

    Happy Halloween!!!!

  9. Ok, she is beautiful to begin with, but your photography is outstandingly beautiful my friend.
    I just sat here and stared at each image. Hard to catch emotion or peace in images. You have the touch!

  10. Wow...
    Others are so much better at expressing the beauty in these photos but I was left simply muttering and repeating to myself.