Lost and Found


Lost and Found on this day 5 years ago.

We had only seen a picture of one another and spoken on the phone a few times.

(He has the best accent!)

He lived a few miles from me.

Ironically, many years before we had gone to different high schools in the same town and even graduated the same year.

We never ran into one another back then.

After chatting on the phone a few times, he asked me to meet him for a drink at a local restaurant.

He knew all about WonderBoy and me and hadn't run for the hills.

This would be the moment of truth because, in my book, you can't fake chemistry.

I pulled into the parking lot like a maniac, running late, as usual.

I was wondering if the man I was about to meet would even come close to living up to the fantasy of the man I had imagined him to be staring at his picture.

I checked my look in my rearview mirror knowing that it was the last time I was going to see myself before I knew the answer to my own question.

I barreled out of the car in my characteristic whirlwind; grabbing my bag, fluffing my hair, while dropping my keys, shifting my clothes and otherwise primping to get my girl on.

Outta my way, PEOPLE, I had a DATE!

As I trotted through the parking lot, looking over my shoulder at the incredibly crooked parking job I had just perpetrated, I took a deep breath and quickly wiped that bead of sweat from my upper lip...

and, that's when I saw him...

He was sitting on the bench outside the restaurant staring right at me.

He had been, characteristically early, and had been watching me the entire time from the moment I flew into the parking lot as if it were a Nas*car pitstop.

He had a grin ear to ear.

His was even more handsome than I had imagined.

I took one look at him and melted into those sparkling, steely blue-green eyes and began to laugh.

We needed no introductions.

Before I took my first sip of my Margarita, I knew I was looking at my husband.

And the rest, as they say....is history!





Thank you for Finding Me!

I love you to pieces.

(Special thanks to WonderBoy for taking these pictures of us!)


  1. Love the pictures of you two! Your son did an excellent job!
    Talk about a beautiful couple inside and outside!
    It is GRAND when we meet the love of our life!
    Enjoy your celebration!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. Beautiful pics(please tell Wonderboy he did an awesome job! wow!) and I love how you first re-met. You certainly were meant to be together! What a stunning couple!

    Have a great week. Love your new blog look BTW...

  3. Ahhhhhhh. It was meant to be. Written in your storybook of happily ever after!
    YOU two are BEAUTIFUL together and WB did an awesome job.

    Love Ya,

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you are going to make me cry.... How wonderful! You two are just a stunning couple and I am so happy you found each other.... it was destined to be.
    Wonderboy has talent behind the lens.... although his subjects are gorgeous!

  5. I am a pushover for a great love story and especially one that ends with Happily Ever After.

    How lucky that in a sea of possibilities unrealized, you found one another.

    There is no denying the physical beauty of you both as a couple, but I am struck by the wonder of what the two of you have created as a team, Wonderboy and Sweet Pea have are encapsulated in an amazing circle of love because of your union.

    "As we unite, may my family become your family, my friends, your friends. "

    And so it goes.

    Happy Anniversary.


  6. I love these pictures,especially because of Dita's guest appearance! Finally! ;o)Great Job, WonderBoy!

  7. I knew when Tim and I had dinner for the first time too. You are a smashing couple!

  8. so sweet :) I got all choked up! Congrats on 5 years.

  9. What a beautiful, funny, heartwarming love story!

    Wonderboy did a fantastic job!


  10. Great job WonderBoy! You two make a BEAUTIFUL couple. Seriously.

  11. What an awesome post......and AMAZING pics of you and your MAN!!!

    I think you win for the most photogenic family...seriously...each and every one of you....just gorgeous!!

    Tell WB if he wants a part time gig as a photographer's assistant.....he is hired:)

    BTW, did I ever tell you that you should write a book? I think you should.....you have a way of painting a picture through your words like no other.

    Luv Ya,


  12. Beautiful beginning, beautiful story!! You two are a stunning couple! My compliments to Wonderboy for doing such a fabulous job on those pictures!!

  13. Honey, this was the a=sweetest I have red in a long time. I got little tears in my eyes. I can't believe I am missing these most happiest and most beautiful years of your life. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love you my dearest girlfriend and I am sooo happy that you are soooo happy! Big Kiss Ann-Charlotte

  14. Incredible job on the photos! And I am a sucker for a good love story... especially one that involves someone running late. *ahem - like me - ahem*

  15. WonderBoy is a fabulous photographer just like his mom!
    You guys are such a beautiful couple.
    I loved reading about your first meeting...felt like I was starting a book that I wouldn't want to put down.