Sweets for the Sweet


No morning is complete for Sweetie Pie without a spin in her new car;
thanks to the uber generous Syd and Izzy.
Unlike her other car, this one can actually be controlled by mom from behind
making Sweetie just think she's in the driver's seat!

Of course, before going ANYWHERE she has to have a mini Alt*oid or seven.
The girl has a new addiction.
She's testing the limits of her ability to contain multiple "mints" of the menthol variety in her mouth.
She has officially surpassed me.
I cry "uncle" at about 3.

The weather is quickly turning cold here (37 degrees this morning!)
I'm afraid Sweetie's outdoor spins in her car are numbered.


  1. Aubriana loves altoids too. I eat one and there is a 100% guarantee of an extremely loud hold onto your undies sneeze. She acts like they are sweet tarts.

    If she is only 2 and already owns multiple vehicles what kind of carbon footprint will she leave on the earth?

    She is so cute, it doesn't matter, I'm sure many a man will give up driving and walk a mile for her smile.


  2. My husband came home to me and both our girls all with our jackets on in the house last night. Brrrr....

  3. What girl wouldn't love a spin in a baby pink sports coup...
    of coarse 37 is a little chilly for a convertible.....
    Let the wind blow through your hair while you can Sweetie Pie!

  4. Your sweetie loves her car like my Jane loves her trike! But our addiction is blueberry tea :). Not nearly as breath freshening!

  5. Hey, a girl can't leave the house without her Altoids ya know. Sweetie Pie must smell fabulous in that sporty pink car of hers. Such sweetness!!!


  6. She is too cute in her car..... Ty loves Altoids also and I have no idea how he handles so many in his mouth at one time.
    Our temp was about the same this morning.... TOO cold.