Black and White Wednesday: Sweet Sisters Growing Up

Do you recognize this beauty?

Dani Chair Eyes Down Antique WM

Dani Chair Confident WM Cropped

Look closely...this gorgeous blonde is the younger half of the Sweet Sisters dynamic duo that live across the street from us.

WonderBoy struck gold when we moved in here 7 years ago.
(And he knows it!)

Maybe you'll remember them from this post or this one.

Here's Blondie with her big sis...
whose legs, by the way, have grown so long this year
they'd make a Victoria's Secr*t model jealous!

Girls BW Smiles Fence WM

And those "baby browns"...I'm sure they're breaking hearts daily in her 7th grade classroom!

Nikki Side Glance Smile WM

NikHatHidden BW WM

I don't know who loved playing dress up more, the girls or their mom and me.

I loved capturing a little vintage look for these shots.

NikSidewaysGlance Vintage WM

Dani Legs Over Chair Sky WM

I can just see the boys in the 5th grade knocking each other down
to get the seat that stares at this smile all day!

Dani Sideway Chair Legs Up Cropped WM

Even the Boy Wonder couldn't resist a little old time cameo between his two "bestest" girls!

Girls & Ant BW WM

It's Black and White Wednesday!

To see some fantabulous images from some very cool photographers,
click on over to

the long road


  1. Beautiful pictures, yes, very vintage. Have to love the beauty of them and your pictures really capture their youth without making them look too grown up, Yet, they are growing up fast, aren't they?

    I have been having some time away from the computer, so glad for B&W Wednesday to catch up on my favorite blogs!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. Oh I remember these two beauties......and BOY have they changed in just a few short months! Yes, Victoria Secret Models, LOOK OUT!

    These are FANTASTIC Dita! I love the vintage feel.... BEAUTIFUL GIRLS + AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER = WOWZA

    That last shot with WB in the middle just made me smile.....he looks perfectly content there:) I can tell these three are quite a team!

    So happy to see you post again! We missed you here in the bloggy world!

    Have a great week~



  3. Love the vintage photo look....they are beautiful girls Wonderboy is very lucky !

  4. ok, now...work with me.
    the brown eyed beauty looks like she could be Lisa's son's twin sister.
    What do you think?

  5. Dita, you know I LOVE these shots in everyway possible. I'm so glad you posted them so the whole world can gaze at the talent you have. This photoshoot was stellar, girl.

    Wow, Wonderboy's head must just spin everytime he heads home from school with these two beauties living so close. (I can't tell Dahlia - she'd be green.)They are just gorgeous.

    Have to say it again ('cause I'm just so darn proud of you), these images are fabulous! The baby brown one? Awhhh.....no words!!!!

    Love you!

    Oh.....love the new blog look. You rock!

  6. These are amazing Dita! Isn't it frightening how these girls grow up overnight. Makes me think of my little one. I think I'm going to lock her up and throw away the key until she is at least 21! ;-)

    Love the new look of your blog!


  7. These girls are STUNNING, and you my friend, captured their beauty perfectly! Wonderboy is brave, I think Gene would pass out if her were in their presence....hehehehe.

  8. These sisters are gorgeous! Wow, such natural beauty captured by such a talented photographer :) can't wait to hang with you this summer in the city of Brotherly Love!!!

    Happy Wednesday Dita!

  9. dita - these shots are gorgeous as are the girls! wow! i am a sucker for brown eyes and it is a good thing, our house is full of them! :-) you did a beautiful job capturing them! i'll be praying the girls wait a very long time to even care if the boys notice how beautiful they are :-)

    your son looks very cute between them and how fun for them to grow up together!


  10. Hahaha!! WB did hit the jackpot - two gorgeous besties :) Loving the B&W pic of the two siters together! That one needs to be framed..it's timeless and GORGEOUS!

  11. I'm loving the vintage feel and those girls are GORGEOUS! Gorgeous maybe isn't an adequate word, they are unbelievably beautiful girls. I'm sure their mom is delighted with all of these.

    Love your new blog header too. :)

  12. OK, seriously... how much fun did you have getting these two beauties all dressed up and capturing these wonderful shots of them?!? And I cracked up at the comment about WonderBoy striking gold. Why yes, he did. As did they! Beautiful post, Dita!

  13. I love the pictures so much. They are gorgeous beyond belief those girls...oh my goodness! : ) And seriously, he did strike gold : )

    What a fun thing to do. Girl clothes are so great. I can't help but smile when I look at these.

    You did great work. Just beautiful!

  14. Fabulous pictures Dita!! Looks like you all had a ton of fun!

  15. Where do you find these props? Great fun and fabulous photos; per usual.

    I hope their mom, realizing the pricelss gift you bestowed upon them did something grand in return, I don't know, like pay your mortgage!

    I will gladly pay your mortgage on Tuesday if you take my kids pictures today ;-))

    Love V

  16. Boy Dita you are ROCKIN the camera these days!!! What gorgeous girls and what a lucky guy!!!

  17. Wonder Boy struck gold indeed! Ooh La La! :)

    Your photography wows me friend!

    Luv ya!