Remember Me?

I barely do so I imagine I'm hardly a blip on the radar these days!

Things have gotten so hectic here
that blogging has completely fallen by the wayside.
Not that I don't think about it every day.
Not that I haven't written myself at least a dozen lists of photos I've taken,
all with very special stories that I plan to share here.

You have no idea how much I miss visiting the blogs of my friends
that are near and dear to me. (yeah, you all know who you are!)

So, I decided to get out of my work/holiday/real life frenzy; get off my blogger laurels
and do something I've never done before...enter an
I Hearts Faces Photo Challenge

How appropos....this week's theme is Self Portraits!

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately
(in a good way)
and when I look in the mirror these days I can honestly say
that I'm awfully glad to see this girl looking back at me...

CN Selfie Grunge Bone Smile Blog

flaws and all...
she's been with me every step of the way so far
and I have to admit...she's kinda growin' on me.


  1. Flaws?????

    If you call striking beauty a flaw, well then you are 100% FLAWED!

    It's kind of wasted, as your inner beauty is quite blinding and distracting.

    I tried to take a picture of myself, but this old broad wouldn't get out of the shot, so gave up ;-))

    Love V

  2. Saw this on I heart faces and had to comment! It's just truly lovely!

  3. I remember YOU!! :)

    The photo is beautiful but then how could it not be...
    Wishing you and the family only the best of this Christmas - Holiday season.
    Love from our family to yours.

  4. Stunning Dita. You are amazing inside and out.

  5. Good for you! That is one BEAUTIFUL picture of you! but yet of course you ARE a beautiful woman inside and out! All the best to you , , , y Feliz Navidad para todos! :)

  6. this is a GREAT shot!!! you are stunning!

  7. Dita......you are flawless. You are strikingly beautiful. I thought this was a photo of a model. Wow!!!

  8. If you'd care to loan me some of those "flaws" I see in that picture, I'll take them---well done!!!

  9. Oh!!! I LOVE this girl!! Everything about her :) You sure know how to make a grand entrance! So glad you joined in the I Heart Faces challenge! Your entry is perfect!

  10. Ooh la la.....look at you and your gorgeous self. Love this shot (your eyes!!! OMG) and your "new attitude".

    ...and just about everything else about you too!!!!

  11. Beautiful. I don't see any flaws.

  12. Simply stunning.... :-) I must agree with the others, I don't see one flaw on that gorgeous face of yours!


  13. You are G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!! (inside and out) great shot, maybe you'll inspire others (me) to do the same, it's so easy to look at ohters and photogrpah others, why are we so hesitant to do the same for us? Great job!
    And don't be so hard on yourself for not blogging as often as you'd like, I bet part of the reason is you are too busy being a grea tmommy to those amazing kiddos of your!

  14. Just beautiful Ms. Dita, I love your words too!
    Amazing to get in that place of just liking one
    for themselves and there are no flaws {Ok, seriously you have no flaws}, just a beautiful tapestry where all colors and weaves are different to make an amazing life, and amazing person in you.

    Smiles to you friend.

  15. Absolutely STUNNING!

    You are gorgeous inside and out. I was so happy to see your pretty face smiling back at me when your page loaded:)

    Life needs to come first and we know you are busy. We are all here and have no plans to go anywhere else.

    Looking forward to all the "stories" you have to share with us.



    PS. Can you believe that we did not take one stinkin picture on Saturday, other than the iphone photos of us? How sad..... It was so much fun. Can't wait til the next get together~

  16. You are beautiful in ALL ways miss Dita!!!



  17. Thanks so much for you comment :) You're photo is amazing! :D I love the processing

  18. this is a beautiful photo...your eyes are capturing the essence of the words you chose for this post.

  19. It feels good when you can look at yourself and be at peace with who you are doesn't it.....I am finding that peace as well.....flaws, fat and all! lol

    Stunning picture of you....it truly is beautiful.


  20. Oh make me jealous! You are so gor-ge-ous!
    When you figure out how to make more time, please share with me!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy (and my better half commented/expressed it so much better than I did - he's the true sweetie!)

  21. Beautiful inside and out....and what flaws?!?!?!?! You are STUN-NING!!!!
    I have to say, when I saw this face smiling back at me, I instantly had a smile on my face!


  22. Val's right...if this is flawed - my gawd...hang up your hat, sister.

    This is beautiful!