All Aboard

Sweetie and WonderBoy just love this train.

It's called the Musical Express.

It's simple enough to set up and it comes with different colored tiles that fit inside the track along with a musical song book.

The book depicts color-coded maps of where to place the tiles which, when properly snapped into the track, play various nursery rhymes
as the train rolls over them.

It's a great toy to teach following directions, dexterity, spatial relationships, predictability and team work.

This is one of the kids' favorite toys (I have to admit, one of mine too)
and they always seem to play together so well when this train comes out.

Of course, after the novelty of the different songs wear off; that little train looks mighty lonely going around the track.

So...they've come up with the ideal passenger for the coal car....

You guessed it....it's KIDDIE!



Poor Kiddie was a little punch drunk by the time
he went around again and again and again...for the 32nd time.


He's a good sport that Kiddie!


  1. Omg...this is hilarious!!!! Kiddie gets to go all kinds of places doesn't he? Hope he's not prone to car or 'train' sickness!

    My oldest had a favorite little animal too, his name was 'Mr. Kitty.' Nick (at age 24 now) recently gave Mr. Kitty to Grace, he's a little worse for wear but now resides on Grace's bed!

    Have a great Monday friend!

  2. That last photo of Kiddie just cracks me up ! That's how I would feel and look after doing a bunch of circles. Hehehe.

  3. Wow, that Kiddie has really been around the block.

    Great toy. We got a train track puzzle that has educational stuff all over it and you can make the various vehicles go in all different directions, the kids loved it to death.

    Literally, after an hour of giggle filled play they turned on it and started to throw the toys on and across the floor. Parts flying off, 1 car won't run anymore and the others run like they've been in a major accident (which they have).

    We're quaking in our boots, these are two we are hoping will care for us in our elder years!

  4. Cute train set and even cuter with kiddie as a passenger. Willing or not!

    I love that you stood there waiting.....and waiting......and waiting for kitty to get dizzy and flop over. I guess you've been down this road a few times.

    I'm leaving with a big smile on my face now.

  5. I wonder if he got as motion sick as poor Asher did??? Heh.

  6. I love the punch drunk photo:)

    What an adorable post...... don't you love it when they find something that they can play together.....without bickering?

    That Kiddie is one loved animal!

    Hope you have a great night..... looking forward to lunch:)



  7. I love when Kiddie makes his appearances! I'm always curious where he's going to turn up next ;o)

  8. What sweet pics of Wonder Boy and Sweetie Pie playing together with kiddie. Poor kiddie...too much of a good thing.

    I'm thinking the toddler duo would love to have that train set. Hmm...

    Have a great day!