Friday Finds

My Chicago buddy, Colleen,
the undisputed QUEEN of the Nuthouse (who makes me laugh like crazy in real life)
is hosting a Friday Finds on her blog.

I thought I'd join in and share one of my little secrets.

When I'm feeling like I just can't outrun the Wrinkle Fairy and all hope is lost;
I grab my super duper secret weapon

And I'm 20 again.
(OK, 35....but my face is smooth as a baby's bottom. )

You can find this entire line at very affordable prices HERE.

If you're looking to try the line out I highly recommend the starter kit.


  1. I was always wondering about this stuff...I have seen it advertised...so that's how you look 20 is it...unlike me who just shoots the needles in the forehead and hopes that her face freezes forever..: P
    I happy you posted this because I have never known anyone that used it and it is $$$ but now that I know it's worth the doe (or is it dough), I think this Friday's Finds may end up costing me some money...LOL
    Thanks Miss D..and yes I am a nut and Queen...but whats your excuse?

  2. From the first moment I heard your voice to your adorable sense of humor and fun in your writing - I was instantly smitten with you.

    And now you offer "youth in a bottle"? Well, there is just nothing not to love about you. Deal sealed. I'm just crazy about you! (Umm....in a good way, ya know.)

    I'm going to this link now. I may never be heard from again. (But, you'll know where to find me.)


  3. No kidding?! I would love to be 20 again!! :)

    I am on the hunt for something new. I typically use Estee Lauder's Resilence Lift but have developed an allergy to her products... just like my mother did at my age. All the things that drove me crazy about my mother are coming back to haunt me. I can see her laughing now... LOL

    And... I doubt you need anything to assist your beauty!

    Thank you for sharing your beauty secret. Have a great weekend!


  4. Hey I'd like to be 40 again, that would be awesome. Thanks for the tip, will be checking out that website too. About 3 years ago I started with the forehead/above eyes needle freezing thing that miss Colleen mentioned. Not my favorite thing, but it does work. All these things in the name of beauty...(sigh)


  5. I need all the help I can get.....thanks for the tip!! I won't do the needles....so this would be right up my alley:)

    Your skin is absolutely gorgeous...... you don't need the cream!

    Happy Weekend!



  6. OH so that's how you look so fabulous? Well, I'm off to order me some of that good stuff right this instant! If it makes me look half as pretty as you, I'll be all set. :)

  7. Hmmm....I am in need of the fountain of youth lately...I am going to check this out.

  8. You call that affordable? If you want a babies bottom, try a little A&D ointment, my kids have soft tushies and at $3.00 a tube, that is affordable.

    Don't forget to put a diaper over your face to seal in the moisture barrier.

    Believe me, if you go out with a diaper on your head, NOBODY will notice a few wrinkles.

    Love V

  9. Oh, I am so distracted by Valerie's comment, can't imagine what to write! I will head to the site instead :).

  10. Thanks for the tip! Now I don't have to liquify or photoshop my face LOL. Yes I too love what Valerie wrote...how funny. Then again I hear hemorrhoid ointment is good for baggy eyes! Yuck:))

  11. Yes, Val...I consider $35 for a jar of 20 year old in a jar affordable.

    However, you do have a point...your method is definitely cheaper.

    I am considering banning you from commenting since you are leaving some of my regular commenters speechless with your humor.

    Then again, we'd all be lost without your, my dear....so, you can stay...FOR NOW!

    Dita Darling

  12. Oh, glad you responded Dita.... The image of the diaper was getting to me too!
    I may try your secret find. I would LOVE to look 40 again! I haven't used anything on my face ever (soap and water count?). I need to begin taking care of my skin, hopefully, not too late. Can you share your facial routine too? I need the coaching!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy