Playing Catch Up

Before too much time passed, I bit the bullet and went back and posted the holiday photos
I had been meaning to post.
Truth be told; it was keeping me up at night.
I snuck them in on the dates they belonged and now I can get on with living!
To recap on our Christmas and New Years' holidays....take a peek here and here and here.
Ahhh, I feel better already!


  1. You? Crack me up! And I love the gorgeous New Years table you set. How glamorous! Is this a bad time to admit that we wore sweats and ate pretzels? Heh.

  2. Sleep my friend, sleep. You're all caught up and beautifully so. Your New Years table is stunning. Or as Dahlia would say....stu-un-ing!

    Enjoy your well earned rest now.

  3. It feels good to take care of the things that keep us up at night! Now to see the pictures which I know will be stunning!

  4. After viewing your most AMAZING, GORGEOUS, STUNNING, BREATHTAKING, BEAUTIFUL photos...fit for a designer's magazine... I have only one thing to say. (imagine that)

    I'm coming to your house next year! :)


  5. These are all wonderful posts and you even whent back and put them in order Anal Annie, that confused me.

    More visual confirmation you lead a charmed life and are surrounded by love and beauty everywhere you turn.

    Now take a chill pill and focus on the really important stuff in life, like helping me redesign my blog. Maybe you could be a ghost writer for me and make my life as glam as yours. You've got photoshop right....

    Let's talk.

    Love V