Thankful Thursday: The Kindness of Strangers

There's a woman who lives in an elder care facility.
She doesn't know me or my children.

She does knows JR.

He brings a smile to her face when he slows down long enough to
show her photos of the children and share a stories about them with her.
She hangs on his every word.

She doesn't get many visitors.

She loves to hear about life on the outside.

In all likelihood she won't be on the outside again.

JR knows this and spends a little extra time with her listening
a little more intently when she speaks.
Showing her that she's important.

On Christmas Eve he returned with a little package
for each of the children from this special lady.

Inside were two tiny little scarves;
blue for our boy and pink for our girl.
How precious they were.

I explained to the children about the woman we've never met
whose hands spent hours knitting; hands that lived a long life and that now sit idle...
except for the moments that she spent making these special gifts for them...
with purpose, hope and love.



I took these photos of the children for JR to bring to her
along with a special thank you handwritten by WonderBoy
on behalf of his sister and himself.

In the Spring, we will surprise her with a visit.

I am always amazed and humbled by the kindness of strangers.


  1. what a beautiful post. My mom was a hairdresser and not only worked in a beauty salon but also in a retirement home. I spent many days with her just visiting with the men and woman that lived in the home. Many of them were very lonely for company. I learned at a young age to show compassion to these beautiful people...I also learned at a young age the wisdom that they had stored in their minds and hearts : ) The scarves are gorgeous and so special.....they come with a story.

  2. What precious gifts of love....
    The lovely scarves....
    The moments spent with someone in need of someone who cares enough to take the time to listen...

  3. Where would this world be if not for the kindness of strangers? Especially now in this time of great tragedy.

    Beautiful posts. Sweetie Pie looks so adorable in her picture :0)

  4. What a sweet woman....and what a special gift.

    I always found it so difficult to visit my Grandfather when he lived in a retirement/assisted living home. I looked forward to seeing him, but always left feeling sad for those who did not have family. Many of his close friends would come and talk with us. My Mom got very close to two of his lady friends..... after my grandfather passed, she continued to go and visit them. He passed over 3 years ago, but til this day she still sees them once a month and brings them little special things....and even takes them out to lunch. You know it is the hightlight of their week.

    I know your springtime visit will make her year:)



  5. Great story. How sensitive of JR to notice and take the time to listen.

    I used to visit an old folks home with my Yorkie, I whished there could have ben 10 more of me and enough pets for everyone to have.

    Their face would light up and everybody has a story of an animal they have loved in their lifetime.

    My little guy would eat the crumbs off of their shirts while they stroked him.

    We really should "adopt" a grandparent who sits and watches the days go by with little purpose or meaning. I have a feeling we would get back even more than we put into it.

    Great story.

    Love V

  6. Beautiful story! I love that this lady showed her appreciation but I love even more that JR gives HER a gift each time he sees her. That speaks volumes.

    It's so easy to turn a blind eye to those who have become invisible in our world. As kids (we were sort of like the Van Trapp family)we entertained at hospitals, old folks homes (thats what they were called)re-hab centers and jails. It was part of our daily life. But even a smile or a moment spent with someone who has few visitors means so much.

    You've got quite a man there.
    Happy Thursday.

  7. I love the scarves and heart of the lady who made them.
    Her heart is matched by the one who took the time to stop, to share a smile and to talk and listen.
    And the thoughtful heart writing to say Thank You is a gift she opens everyday.

    I look forward to the Spring visit you all will share...

  8. How very sweet, and the scarves are lovely.

  9. This post brought me to tears. You sure are married to one amazing guy! Children and seniors touch my heart in a special way. Sadly, many of them do not get the respect they deserve. Sometimes I think people forget that one day they will be old. How sweet that she made those scarves for your sweeties. What a treasure!

    Your family is not only beautiful...you are authentic.


  10. so sweet. I love the photos . . . I always think how children touch seniors in a way noone else can.

    I am sure she was sooooooo blessed by the photos and the WonderBoy's thank you.

    Hugs :)

  11. That is SO very sweet. I love kind people. They are, for sure, my favorite kind of humans : )

  12. Ahhh. that soo sweet! & I just love all of your photos...