Midterms and Chocolate

Imagine my surprise when I opened WonderBoy's backpack last week to find a barrage of paperwork that made my knees weak.

It wasn't the usual stuff.

I had to sit down.

I read it and re-read it.

It said (in an ironically cheerful font that was clearly laughing at me):
MIDTERMS are here!

Welcome to 5th Grade.

I had no idea. None. None at ALL!

In that second, I was magically transported back to
my own (seemingly never-ending) school days.

It was BACK;
that old familiar
sick to my stomach, there just isn't enough time, why didn't I pay better attention and take better notes
It took up residence right where it used to live in the pit of my belly.
It's as if it never left.

And now I am re-living it.

I'm not ready.
No one warned me.

What's worse; I have to rely on his notes to help him study.
Let's just say he's not exactly the highlighter, multiple color, ruler-using notetaker that I was in my heyday.

(I actually had fellow students hover over me when I took notes and offer to pay me for my notes in grad school.
That was way before computers were in the classrooms and outlines were online...who am I kidding...that was before the internet!)

So...anyway, we are in full on study mode for the next two weeks.
I'm trying to impart my very best study habits on the young Grasshopper in hopes that he will understand the value of studying and the rewards of doing well academically.

So, I've set the stage:
Prepared the master study plan (he has 5 midterms in total over 10 days)
Color coded the different subjects on the calendar
Made cordinated folders housing our study guides and mock exams
Been talking about how we'll tackle the studying all week together and
what rewards he can set his sights on if he does well on all of them
(I will accept a B or better but he earns extra points for A's)

And, of course, I have impressed upon him the
most important staple in any study routine......

WonderBoy has embraced my tried and true
Studying with Chocolate Study Plan wholeheartedly.

It's a beautiful thing.

Step One:
Prepare the chocolate







Step Two:
Let the studying BEGIN!


  1. Oh goodness me...just look what I have to look forward to. And I'm already a wreck most days with Grade 1 homework. I know my Mom didn't have to work this hard.

    A-hem.....well.....get busy girl (or I meant to say, Wonderboy). And what am amazing plan you have in place. No doubt he will ace these mid-terms what with your history of exam preps and this amazing looking energy and motivation booster. I love it!

    Let us know how he does. And wish him luck. (Tell him all his 'aunties' are pulling for him.)

  2. The chocolate covered banana isn't the reward????

    I will take an algebra exam for the banana Alex.

    Those look heaveny, send me the recipe - forget the recipe, make a batch put them on dry ice and overnight them to me.

    I majored in communications with a minor in negotiations.

    I never got help with homework, is this something we must do????

    Love V

  3. You are a very good Mommy! No way am I sharing the chocolate! :)

  4. OH YUMMMM....that ooey goooey chocolate should help get you through!!

    LOL....yes, I could just see you with your multi-colored highlighters in your hey day!! I hope that he does well this week....... Nick just had his last midterm on Friday:)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!



  5. 5th grade with mid-terms???? What???

    You plan seems excellent including the proper food for energy and focused studying! I am sure he will do well!

    Thank you for being such a good friend to others, read about your visit at an airport to cheer up those in need of friendly smiles. You are too good!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  6. Midterms in 5th grade??! Wow! That's pretty hardcore for 5th Grade! At least WB has those delicious chocolate covered bananas to keep him motivated :) Yum!

  7. Gene's in 6th and he doesn't even get mid-terms yet! I'd study any day if it meant eating that chocolate you made. I hope he does well!

  8. mid terms? holy cow... my 5th grader still doesn't even get GRADES!-

  9. This made me smile!! What a great mother you are Christina. Ant is a lucky boy!!!

    Thanks for sharing mid-terms.

  10. This made me smile!! What a great mother you are Dita. Wonderboy is a very lucky boy!!