Young Indy

Don't be fooled......
this little girly girl,
pinky in the air tea-tottler,
Dora lovin',
Barney groupie
has an alter ego.....

and Load.

She and her big brother know every word,
action, duck and punch
of every Indi*ana Jon*es movie...
and attempt to act them out
(in a full Nerf regalia, of course)
directly under my feet when I'm cooking dinner.

Spring....HEELLLLLOOOOO...Mother Nature, can you hear me?
The snow is so yesterday we're ready for Spring PLEASE!


  1. Hehe, love it! What a cutie pie (even with a gun in her hand).

    RIght there with ya on the plead to Mother Nature. UGH.

  2. Oh she is just too cute!

    I'll try and pass some warm weather up to you! We're having some beautiful days lately. I don't mean to rub it in... ;-)

  3. I love it!!! I should send you a picture of Tyler when he was about 5 years old dressed as Indiana Jones...he loved that guy...: )
    She is so adorable!!!!! Mine are in the basement playing wii with their new nerf swords for the resort game...probably killing each other...no blood or tears yet.

  4. Ahhh.....thanks for that laugh. (Especially your plea to mother nature.)

    What a sweet little character she is. It's like "hello world....are you ready for me?....'cause I can do it all!!" And I'll bet she does.

    Have a great week-end. Let's hope there's no more snow now!


  5. Ah yes.....come on mother nature, SPRING WOULD BE NICE right now!!

    Wearing a fancy dress or toting a....she is as cute as can be!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend:)



  6. I have one of these. But she loves the Lone Ranger and says she is Tonto...Is your daughter 3? Who doesn't love the three year old?

    My flowers are trying to come up. Spring is Teasing us.

  7. Daddy won't need a shotgun; she can take care of herself (or her brother will!).

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  8. Lol! How cute! I always wondered what it would've been like to grow up with a big brother :o) Now I know!

  9. Umm, that is just plain awesome.

  10. I forgot to mention!!! Love the new blog layout!

  11. Wow, your blog looks great...as does your new photo icon. Sizzzzzzle, shazam, and thank you mamm.

    You a hottie.

    Lov Valerie

  12. Adorable! Little girly girls with big brothers are the best! Brings out so much fun in their personalities! Your Sweetie
    Pie is just gorgeous :)