Happy Valentine's Day

JR had to work yesterday.

The kids and I love waking up with him on Sunday mornings
since he is usually up and out before 5AM during the week.

On those few Sundays that he has to work; we're always bummed out.

This Sunday also happened to be Valentine's Day so we were doubly bummed.

We awoke to find this little note from him next to my coffee mug.


WonderBoy and I decided to prepare some sweet treats
and have a little Valentine Party ready for when Papa returned.

We made Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
(My sous chef revelled in turning the frosting the perfect shade of pink with a drop of red food coloring!)


Sweetie Pie and her brother were full of the lovey spirit all day waiting for the party to begin.


Well, Sweetie was.


Her brother had to be coaxed but who can refuse that little face...
even he crumbled under the pressure.



The kids passed the time by making homemade Valentine's cards
with construction paper, cardboard and sparkle tissue paper for their father.
They helped me set the table with lots of pink and red goodies.



There were lots and lots and lots of sweet treats.



We made personal heart shaped pizza for appetizers.


As soon as JR arrived home the kids cheered.
Special RED beverages were had by all.

The two littlest hearts had Shirley Temples, a holiday staple.
My Valentine and I had Cosmopolitans.
Mmmm they sure did hit the spot.



For dinner we had filet mignon au poivre with
sauteed sweet brussels sprouts with chopped pecans
along with a crispy arugula salad topped with
crumbled feta cheese and dried cranberries.


It was very good.
JR had seconds and thirds!

The kids received a few little Valentine gifts along with one joint gift...
which was VERY appropros...
after they ingested a small factory worth of sugar yesterday!


Hope your day was a sweet as ours was!



  1. Your Valentine's Day looked spectacular...... well, all except for JR having to work:(

    Your dinner rocked....every last detail of it!!!

    WB and Sweetie are so stinkin cute!! You can just feel the love:)



  2. What a beautiful Valentine's Day celebration!! Everything looked DELICIOUS! Sweet, sweet day!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. Wow, what fun! Looks like a perfect day. :)

    Have a great week!

  4. What a pleasure for the eye and the soul! Couldn't be more beautiful!

  5. I come over to your blog and drool...seriously you and Lisa deserve the gourmet cook awards. And the wild thing is you both work full time and do this. I'm totally inspired. I also see a bit of 'Martha' in you, that is in a good way and it's a compliment!

    Lots of love in your house on Valentine's day. I can tell it was a happy one. :)


  6. Good Grief...your attention to details and expressing yourself verbally, phtographically, writing, et al are too, too much.

    I want to live in that place. What memories you are providing your family.

    JR gets major points for the love note.

    You have it all babe!

    Love Valerie

  7. Your table and food look fabulous! I just love looking at all your pictures!

  8. How sweet of JR to leave that little note for the fam :o) Too cute! Your V-Day looks out of this world! It definitely has that magical "Dita" touch!

    Hope you had a great V-Day! Love ya!

  9. Just precious sweetness.

    I saw that note from your gentle man to you all and thought,....I love this for Christine and her precious family. Love it much.

    Hope your day wonderful and beautiful.
    Grateful to know you through this crazy place of blogging. You matter much. Know this.

  10. Oh and p.s. that dinner sounds divine and the table setting beautiful too.

  11. Wow...what a great idea to go all out for valentine's day. Love all the photos :) And that note from your hubby...precious!

  12. OMG it all looked sooooooo very wonderful!!!!!!! I love the pizza : )

  13. This looks like a magazine spread :)!

  14. What a fun day with your kiddos! Sorry hubby had to work. :-(

    That was quite the meal spread! YUM! Makes my mouth water just lookin at those pictures. Wish I had that cooking talent! :-)

  15. I wish you could somehow post everything you do for Valentine's Day the day before - I would simply copy everything you do...
    What a family - you guys are something else.

  16. How did I miss this adorable post?

    Look at all the different ways you created to say 'i love you'! You've got such a creative and generous imagination, my friend.

    How fun it must be to live in your world!


  17. I want to come live at your house! :)


    Love and Blessings,