Sometimes life can get so busy that I find
I allow myself to pulled in many different directions and
I wind up feeling overwhelmed.

I lose my perspective on what is really important
to me and it hampers my ability to enjoy the beauty of those things.

I have a tendency to look at the big picture and set my sights down the road,
which isn't always a bad thing unless you forget to live in the now;
enjoying the simple pleasures life offers every day.

Sharing my life with JR and the children has given me an opportunity
to learn that I am not a One Woman Show anymore
(as I was for most of my life before them).

However, if you ask JR, he'd tell you that he has to remind me of this quite often.

I have a friend who regularly visits my blog.
She says that when she visits our life always looks so perfect
and it makes her feel like she's not doing enough.
I laugh because I think sometimes I am not doing enough either.
I tell her that its not perfect...
we, too, have our ups and downs in our daily lives like everyone else.
On any given day we stress over...work, the children, school,
extended family, juggling finances, communicating with one another,
eating and exercising right, keeping our relationship in growth mode...
the list goes on.

When I started this blog I chose to dwell on the small details
of our lives to remind myself that though not perfect,
we have so much to be grateful for and life is, indeed, beautiful.

I decided that there are so many special moments that
I want to cherish and give the honor they deserve.
I don't want to ever take them for granted or allow them to elude me,
and although I don't capture every one of them;
I find that by celebrating the little things our lives
are enriched in so many different ways.

It's my hope that by sharing the little special things that happen here,
those who visit will smile and realize that life is not perfect,
nothing beautiful ever is
rather, truly living really is in the details.

Perhaps being reminded of this they, in turn, will pause a little longer
on the very special things in their own every day that make life exceptional...

like holding onto the people who mean the most to you,


and never forgetting the importance of laughter.


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the long road


  1. Love the pictures of you two.
    Isn't it rare to have these?
    We take so many of our kids, we forget to ask someone else to photograph us (yes, we could use the remote, but forget that too!).
    We need to have more of these moments with our hubby; I too forget how much he does for us and need to thank him more often.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. Sweet Memories. Beautiful couple.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Such a beautiful post, Dita - both in words and images. What a great perspective that I think we often need reminded of. Yes, life is not perfect, but we have so much to be thankful for and so many blessings to count. Thank you for posting this!

  4. What a beautiful post..You spoke to the heart of the matter that I think exists in all of our lives..
    I love the picture and I AGREE never forget about the laughter.

  5. Right on, my friend. You have such a gift of speaking straight to the heart - and we get to feel yours in the process. Beautiful.

    And I love these 2 captures. What a carefree and loving moment you share.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie.

  6. Ooooh, I love this post. I too am guilty of getting overwhelmed and forgetting to take time to realize just how very blessed I am to be living my perfectly imperfect life.

    These two shots of you and JR are HOT! Seriously, I love them both, especially the one of you looking up at him. That smile is so full of love it just jumps off the screen.

  7. Love, love, love this post Dita, written from the heart and spoken directly to me I think possibly. Instead of thinking of what's always ahead, live in the here and now and enjoy what is right before me. Thank you for the reminder of what's really important, my friend.

    I love the pics of the 2 of you together, made me smile. :)

  8. You said it! I find that lately I am way too absorbed in the "down the road" mentality. I catch myself and try to change it to the "here and now" mentality. It's an ugly battle. Love your pics. And now when I think about it...out of 10,000 photos on my camera there is probably 1 of my husband and I. Oh that needs to change!

  9. life is not perfect,
    nothing beautiful ever is.

    I love these words.

  10. Very very good post!!!!! Dita this was a wonderful post!! I loved it!!! These pictures are gorgeous!!! They are so "real life" to me..they look like they should attached to a post called "love Story". I really love these pictures Miss D.

  11. What a wonderful post you have written today. I too struggle with many ups & downs in our life, but in the end realize how lucky we are to have each other.

    Also love your pictures!

  12. Beautiful post!! You two look great together! Love them!

  13. OH MY....you really knocked it out of the park with this one. We all have ups and downs in our lives and you are so right..... we need to concentrate on what is the here and now and not worry about or dwell on the future. Live for the moment and enjoy every second of it...and take nothing for granted.

    Gorgeous photos....I could almost feel the ocean air:)



  14. Well, when you put it THAT way it makes more sense.

    Great pictures, great thoughts, great post, as usual....pass the cupcakes and pour me a cup of coffee while I bask in the inspiration you provide on a regular basis through your words and photos.

    You are a blessing in so many ways.


  15. Love your photos.
    Love your words.
    Eloquently expressed, they really resonated with me.
    Thanks for your being real.


  16. I LOVE this post!!!!

    What a beautiful couple you guys are!

    Just catching up on all of your recent posts. I so enjoy stopping by your blog!

  17. What a fantastic post! So well said!

    Your black and white photos are so breath taking!

  18. Beautiful..... family, words, love, life....

  19. Another beautiful post by beautiful Dita! I love that you focus on the fun, loving details of your life. The simple things that truly matter. That is what makes your blog BEAUTIFUL! Your posts are like a breath of fresh air...always a joy to visit. Thank you for once again putting a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.

    Great pics of you and your sweetie!

    Love and Blessings,

  20. You truly are such an inspiration.

  21. What a beautiful, beautiful post. There is such wisdom in your words. I am so glad I stopped by here this morning before life gets hectic...and I feel like I got nothing done.

    Beautiful pictures!

  22. I'm so happy to see you in a photo! You are gorgeous and that smile should be documented more often! And you are so right! It's great to have goals, but it's also important to appreciate what's going on in the here and now. Thanks for the inspiration! Now I have to go and appreciate the snowy weather that's be gracing us & finally take some pictures ;o)

  23. Dita,

    What a nice thing to say to me...Thank you!

    I do love your blog!

  24. What a wonderful post and beautiful couple!