Snow Day Eats

As the snow came down here this week,
we decided to enjoy the time we had at home and cook some of our favorites.
WonderBoy requested my homemade bread and confessed he had a hankerin' for fajitas.

With my marching orders in hand, we hit the pantry and fired up the oven.
First we made the bread that WonderBoy learned to braid and let it rise
while we played in the snow.


Our masterpiece doubled in size as we chilled out in our Winter Wonderland.



We popped it in the oven when we came back in and then hit the showers.
By the time we were spic and span and jammied up, the smell of fresh baked bread wafted through the house like the call of the ancient mariner.


We couldn't get enough of it and in minutes it looked like a pack of hungry wolves had run through the butter and ravaged the loaf.

Next up, the beef fajitas.
We used a new recipe which called for marinating the beef in tequila, lime juice and lots of spices for several hours.
WonderBoy was so into it.

He got a kick out of being my sous chef for the day.
Right now he has a big interest in eating but as he assists in the kitchen I can see that little sparkle in his eye...the one that I and all my siblings had when we were young that led each of us to the joys of cooking.
Hopefully, WonderBoy will see the correlation between eating well and learning to cook.

We cooked the veggies for the fajitas and grilled the beef on our
new stovetop double burner grill pan which worked fabulously.

And voila...

The fajitas were a big hit.
JR and I kept staring at that bottle of tequila and decided to partake in a shot or two.
The kids were so intrigued as they watched us perform the salt, shot, lime ritual and insisted on then licking salt off their hands and chugging their milk in shot glasses at dinner.
Oh Boy, bet that'll go over real well in the school cafeteria!


No evening would be complete for JR and WonderBoy without a sweet treat.
My sous chef and I decided to make homemade Snickerdoodle cookies to end the meal.



We were right...they were the bomb.
3 dozen cookies didn't make it the night; furiously devoured by the natives...
including the littliest one who probably put away half a dozen herself!

What a perfect way to spend a blustery, snow day.


  1. OK....We spent our snow day at Original Pancake House for a late brunch, and dinner was frozen ravioli and I opened a jar of peaches and sprinkled pumpkin pie spice on it.

    Snak pak tapioca pudding for dessert.

    I feel SOOOOO inadequate compared to you....no eye contact for the next month or so.

    Ashamed in Texas

  2. yummy! I'd love your fajita marinade recipe - I haven't had good fajita's since I left America almost 4 years ago!

    What a great delicious day you had - inspiring me to cook (and photograph it) more often!!

  3. It must feel so great knowing your son is starting to truly enjoy cooking. My mother started teaching me how to cook all of her Italian classics when I was very young. I am so appreciative of her now (so is my hubby!). Cooking brings such peace deep inside my soul. It's wonderful to see others feel the same way.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. OH BOY..... I am starving after reading this post.... stomach is growling and mouth is salivating!!!

    Your bread looks BEAUTIFUL...there is nothing like the taste of bread fresh out of the oven....YUMMMM!!

    The fajitas look great too!! I am going to be requesting that you post or send that recipe to me:)

    Had to laugh at the thought of your kids licking the salt off of their hands and doing a shot of milk.....OMG, too freakin funny!! Now that would have been a priceless photo:)

    Enjoy your weekend my friend!!



  5. I just love everything about your creature comfort adventure. (My mind boogles at the amount of energy you had left after shovelling and building (albeit miniature)snowmen.

    But in true Dita fashion - you turned a blah day into a magical adventure. (When I grow up I wanna be one of your kids.....I know, that's laughable on so many levels.)

    Everything looks delicious and I got quite a hoot out the kiddies salting their hands before sipping their milk.

    Now what do you do for an encore?

    Happy Valentines to you!!

  6. Love your new look. I'm so sorry I haven't been around lately. Had a bout with mono but feeling a little more human. I always LOVE coming for visits to see your beautiful family Dita.
    Beautiful pictures as usual...AND
    what a perfect way to spend time with loved ones!

  7. Oh Miss Dita that bread looks just yummy! I can practically smell it through the computer screen. Ok not really but hey a girl can dream, eh?

    The Fajitas and cookies look yummy too. WonderBoy looks great in the kitchen and he looks like he really enjoyed himself. I can just picture the kids doing "shots" of their milk in school. Too funny!!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!