January Day in The Village

Last week I had an appointment in New York City.
After leaving Midtown, my car just begged me to drive downtown
to my old college stomping grounds.
I walked around and had lunch in Greenwich Village;
enjoying the sights, sounds and memories that the afternoon brought back.
Even the gray, cold, rainy day didn't dampen my spirits.

I thought this image lent itself well to black and white, especially given the kind of day it was.
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  1. Love the village! What time of day was this? Looks very peaceful.

  2. Gorgeous image, Dita!!!! I love city and urban images...you capture this so well!


  3. I guess I need to start having my camera on me all the time.

    Is that how everyone has the opportunities to take so many pictures.

    School pictures were what did to mark time passage at our house, and you could tell the lean years...by the missing photos.

    You have a treasurey of memories for your friends and family....how lucky for them.

    Love V

  4. Oh how I miss the city. What a lovely picture of an amazing place. I love how the black and white captures the soul of Greenwich.

  5. Oh, you make me want to be there....right now....even through the gray and cold. (Well....ok...maybe we'll wait for a sunny spring day instead.)

    What a perfect capture. Looks like from another time almost. I LOVE it!

    Happy Wednesday sweetie!

  6. LOVE this. One of these days I'm coming up there for a personal tour. :)

  7. Oh no..... I am so sorry, I got so sidetracked after I left you today, that I forgot to link for you......SORRY.....

    This is a BEAUTIFUL black and white......perfect in every way. Makes me want to jump in my car and drive there just so I can walk around the crowded streets and take it all in!!

    next time we do lunch..... I think we need to venture into the city:)

    So wonderful to see you today..... I enjoy our almost weekly lunches. Always the highlight of my week!

    Luv Ya,


  8. beautiful image Dita....
    I love it.. and it just confirmed what i originally thought. you would be a great inspiration to my new book and i would love for you to become involved in some way.
    I love your work.

    A new idea for a photo project and potential book :
    I want to carry out a photo project and eventually put a book in to print to show the world through photography. I want to focus on countries through out the world seen through a lens.
    We live once in this beautiful and mysterious world and through
    every individual journey, there is alwats a picture or a story to tell
    and share with the rest of the world.

    Through this movement : to create a better understanding of various countries, cultures, places and people through photography.
    I would love your ideas on what you think to the potential for this book.

    I would also need writers aswell as photographers to contribute to this book.

    I hope that I can turn a photo project in to a book for everyone to
    gain a better understanding of the world today.

    thankyou for your time. any comments much appreicated

  9. Beautiful capture! I love the city :)

  10. VERY nice energy captured here.

    i very much want to be there . . .

  11. I love this photo! Love shots of buildings and architecture!

  12. That is an absolutely STUNNING picture. I love pictures of small towns. That one lends itself so well to black and white! Perfection for sure! : )

  13. This is a lovely UrbanScape - I really love all of the lines and angles. Great job!

  14. That's a great shot! The black and white makes this picture. It makes me want to go explore ;)

  15. Great shot Dita! The B&W really does well for this picture!

    O how I love Greenwich Village, I have not been there since I was 16! Someday I will get back to visit NYC, it calls my name! ha

  16. Love the picture! I want to "explore" NYC so much! I have only driven through it and stopped once for a ride up the twin towers (in the 80's). Never "been" in NYC. I just can't imagine having enough confidence to "drive" in the city. As you can tell, it seems a foreign concept to me, even though I have been to larger cities. Is the subway a good way to travel?
    Can't wait to come someday!
    Thanks for reminding me (us - DH wants to go too) how much we love traveling and exploring!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy