Recipe Monday

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I thought I'd share one of my favorite Quiche recipes.

I love this dish because it is so simple and coupled with a nice salad or soup
can make a wonderful meal in under an hour.
One of the things that makes this recipe special is that you can substitute
just about anything you have on hand.
I've substituted ham or sausage for the bacon; califlower, spinach, tomatoes or sundried tomatoes for the broccoli and any kind of cheese I may have lying around the house.

I also add onions sometimes if I feel like chopping them.

Every variation I've tried has come out really well and it's a great way to reincarnate leftovers.

The best is my kids love it...and so does JR, but that goes without saying, doesn't it?




Here's the basic recipe:

Broccoli Cheese Quiche

Pastry for 10 inch single pie crust
1 ½ cups chopped broccoli
1 package cooked bacon, crumbled
1 ½ cups grated cheddar or swiss cheese
4 eggs
1 ½ cups cream
¼ teaspoon salt
Dast of Pepper
Dash of Nutmeg

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Arrange broccoli, bacon and cheese in pastry lined pie plate.
Beat together eggs, cream and spices in bowl.
Pour the mixture over cheese, bacon and broccoli.
Place in preheated oven for 35-40 minutes
(or until top is golden brown and knife inserted 1 inch from the edge comes out clean)

Let sit 15 minutes before cutting.
(don't skip this step or it won't cut nicely and you'll have a mess!)

Makes 8 main dish servings


  1. You're killing me, Dita!! This looks so delicious! I need to find a WW approved version ;o)

  2. omg this looks sooooooooooooooooo good!!! I LOVE Quiche...I only have one recipe for quiche and now I have two!!!!! Thank you so much for playing with me Miss D. I'm printing this off to add to my new Recipe Monday cookbook that I made for me...and I have to tell you...Addison was standing behind me when I opened your post and she said "mnnnnn mommy can you make me that pie" LOL I guess I will be making my girl this egg pie LOL

  3. This is my kind of dish..... I love that you can get creative and throw in whatever you might have on hand. I am sure this recipe would get a double thumbs up in my house!!

    Have a great day my friend!



  4. Fabulous looking recipe. (JR and my Danny would get along great - Looooves Quiche.) And what a nice dish to pull out of the freezer when you don't have time. Love it!!!!

    I laughed heartily at your eyes closed - black and white sesame seeds comment. You don't miss anything do you, sweetie?

    Happy Monday!

  5. Ooooo Yummy! I have not had breakfast this morning yet and this is making me want to come over to your house!! I love Quiche, I will have to give this a try!! Thanks for sharing!

    it is GIVEAWAY time on my blog again!! stop by.

  6. cheddar and bacon - two of the six Goodness Ingredients. Yum!

  7. wow this looks delicious. Im going to have to try it for sure. mmm yummy. thanks for sharing .

  8. Oh that looks wonderful, quiche is one of my absolute faves! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week, my friend!

  9. Oh boy, another extremely yummy recipe to make now. This looks delicious, haven't made quiche in a while, now my stomach is growling. again!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Dita, love it.


  10. It sounds fabulous!!!

  11. I'm trying this the next time I host our Friday morning play group. Thanks for sharing! It looks yummy!

  12. YUM! This looks fabulous and such a versatile recipe. I am on call tomorrow night, so this might be dinner!!
    How do you do it all???

  13. Your comment moved me to tears... Thank you for telling me.

    The recipe looks delicious.

  14. Omgosh gyrl smh. i'm on a diet now you got me cooking things i didnt know anyting about. I'll let you know how it turned out!!!! ;P looks so good i cant wait.....