Little Girl Wishes


Sweetie: Mommy, did you know that sometimes when I close my eyes


I imagine I am zipping through the hills of the Italian countryside in Summer;

whoooosh, whoosh....


with the wind in my hair and not a care in the world.


Sweetie: When you were a little girl did you ever close your eyes and wish for something special?

Mama: As a matter of fact, my darling, I did...
and for a long time I thought my wish would never come true.

Sweetie: Well, did you wish really hard?
You really have to wish really, really, really hard, you know.

Mama: Yep, I kept wishing and wishing.

Sweetie: What happened...did you ever get your wish?

Mama: As a matter of fact, 3 years ago this week,
just when I thought my wish would never come true...I saw this:


Sweetie: Well, what did it say?
Mama: It said...your wish has come true.

Sweetie: OK, can I see it...your wish come true, I mean.

Mama: Yes, I'll show it to you
(holding up a mirror to Sweetie)


Little Girl Wishes Really Do Come True.


  1. OH......GOSH....was it really 3 years ago today? I love that you memorialize each precious memory. (Really, it is inspirational.)

    And could she get any cuter on that pink scooter. No, wouldn't be possible!

    Love this post. So simply YET so deep!!!

    Have a great week!

  2. Dita, Dita, Dita...

    You did it AGAIN! The tears are flowing. This was the SWEETEST post I think I have ever read. How is it they keep getting better over here at your blog? How is that possible???

    And...that beautiful little Sweetie Pie sure has the same colorful imagination that her mama has! Pretty in pink too!

    This post = a sweet little story book. Publish it ...FAST! :)

    You have missed your calling my friend...seriously!

    Oh to be soooo loved....

    Love and hugs!


    What a sweet post. Happy Three Years of officially knowing and becoming a Mommy!! You are one of the best I know!

    She is so sweet.... I love the pink tricycle and her little outfit......one of the most fashionable little girls I know! Just like her Momma:)

    Try to have a good week.......Friday will get here soon....I HOPE!



  4. ok crying now...that post was beautiful!!!! You have such a magical way with words....: )

    and sweetie is adorable and wears pink very well : )

  5. You definitly have a gift to remember the details.

    She is definitely a wish come true!

    Worth the wait and looking fine while daydreaming.

    Love Valerie

  6. What a beautiful post. Brings back memories are when I too had my wish come true. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Three years already!! Wow! I remember when you announced the good news! Doesn't it seem like SP has been here for a lifetime? It's hard to remember a time without her :o)

  8. Seriously woman you need to write a book, you have a gift!

    Beautiful words and pictures, dreams and wishes DO come true don't they my friend?

    love you,


    That little pink scooter is so cute, ADORABLE!

    And Happy Monday. :)

  9. What a precious post. Dreams do come true.....

    Cute pics of your little sweetie!


  10. You have such a gift for writing!! What a beautiful sweet post!!

    And what a amazing wish to be answered!! You are one lucky Mama!!

  11. Oh your daughter is beautiful...
    ..and your words magical.

    Christina I love this post much!
    Glad your wish came true.

    Sending you smiles today.
    I have been working much and out of the blog world almost completely and well still have an email in my drafts folder to send to you in reply to your precious email to me months ago. Work has not let up, but I will be grateful. Just know I come by often.

    ps. Your photography just keeps getting more beautiful of your children by the moment!

  12. Once again, you have me with tears in my eyes. I can't believe it's been 3 years since these little ones changed our lives forever!!!

    Dreams really do come true, and your reality on the pink bike, gets more beautiful with each picture. And her Mamma sure knows how to write a story!

    what a great anniversary to remember, isn't it!?!?!

  13. such a sweet story - and such pinkalicious pictures. What a wonderful wonderful answer to your hearts wish :)


    xo ellie