Little Explorer

This week we celebrated 20 glorious months since the arrival of our sweet girl.
I can't imagine life as it was before. None of us can.
She is so full of wonder and curiosity.


She is just so loving and affectionate.
Out of nowhere she will come up to us throughout the day just to kiss our hands or hug our arms and legs.
She'll break out into the Barney I Love You Song when we tell her we love her.
In the morning when I'm getting ready for work she stands on a little footstool next to my makeup table and hands me my makeup; kissing my hand with the delivery of each item.

She puts my shoes by the door, brings me my keys, my water and cell phone but then she furrows her brow realizing that once I have all these items that its time for me to go...and then the waterworks begin.

It breaks my heart to leave her but she and I both know she's in the best hands with Nana who spoils her like crazy!



  1. Oh, Dita, how beautiful. And how incredibly blessed you are. What's wonderful is that I know you know that, too.

  2. It is so hard to leave our children when they are extra sweet like that. It always breaks my heart!
    Dita, what do you do for work??
    Your photo's are fabulous. I was wondering if you do something with photography.
    She looks stunningly beautiful!


  3. SP is too cute for words in her bright colored pants.
    Can I borrow them sometime? ;-)

  4. Congratulations on 20 months of bliss with your beauty!! I didn't realize your Sweetie Pie was adopted. I always thought she looked so much like you...both very beautiful! She sounds like such a sweetheart and I can only imagine where she learned to be so loving. :)

    Have a great week!

  5. Robin...my little sweetie pie isn't adopted, she's my bio daughter. Most people say she looks just like her father, JR...so I love when someone says she looks like ME! Sorry if my post was confusing.

    As we all know, bio or adopted makes no difference in the bond we share with our children!

  6. Another beautiful post my friend!!! You are blessed beyond belief with your two precious children and wonderful hubby!!

    She is as cute as a button....and I do think she looks just like her beautiful Mommy:)

    Hope we can catch up soon.....the rate we are going, the summer will be over when we finally talk again!

    Have a great week!


  7. Dita-
    That is precious and makes me smile big for you! Just precious!

    Hope you have a wonderful week my blog friend!

    hugs, kristin