He Calls Me Hon...

Yes he does. All the time. Wherever we are. Without a second thought.
Ant II
In a restaurant, at a parent/teacher conference, with my mother, in front of his friends, at the doctor's office, in front of his baseball coach, at the supermarket, at the carwash, on the telephone and the list goes on. He calls me Hon, everywhere.

Yes, that Hon, as in short for "Honey".

Heads turn. Little secret smiles appear on complete strangers' faces out of nowhere upon hearing this little BIG man call his mother "Hon." It's just so sweet, so endearing, so lovingly spoken without a thought in his head that he ought call me anything other than Hon.

Hon is easily uttered at least 10 to 1 over Mom.
And it makes my heart smile everytime he says it.

When his father hears him call me Hon he quickly says, "Hey, that's MY Hon, not yours!" However, WonderBoy is quick to remind him I was his Hon long before I was JR's Hon.
JR smiles big, nods his head and with a wink to WonderBoy says "Touche!"

Then they agree that they'll share me as their Hon!
I'm sure someday someone else will replace me as his Hon, at least out in public...
but for now, I'll just enjoy this special little pleasure
and remember that these are the good ol' days!


  1. That is so sweet. Yes, enjoy it while you have it! :) Great photos!

  2. What handsome men you have my dear......let them fight for you...lol....

  3. He just sounds like the sweetest, most compassionate child!!

    Girl, you are getting really good with the camera....keep up the great work!!


  4. Your posts always touch my heart so much! When I notice that you have updated your blog, I can not wait to read what you have posted. Wonder Boy sounds amazing and there is no doubt he loves his mama!! What a compliment that he calls you "Hon" without reservation, regardless of where you might be. I doubt that anyone but you could ever be "Hon" to him. How very, very sweet!


  5. Yes Dita I am commenting on your every post! I love this!!!!!!!! I love it that you have a son and a husband that love you so and call you simply hon! Love that!

  6. OH, so sweet. I hope he never feels like changing that.
    He sounds like a wonderful young man!
    You are certainly blessed.