End of the Affair

June 25, 2009


Dear Dr. Brown:

You’ve been there for me since the beginning. Just the sight of you never failed to put a twinkle in my eyes.

You’ve been with me through thick and thin. You’ve nourished my soul (and my belly) and you provided me with good old fashioned comfort for the asking.

You calmed me, soothed me and lulled me to sleep nap after nap, night after night; in sickness and in health.

I’m growing and changing every day and, well, I’m about to hit the big 21 (months, that is!) and I need my independence.

Look, there’s no easy way to say this so here goes….IT’S OVER, that thing we had.

I’m branching out in different directions. I’m spreading my wings, broadening my horizons and, well, you’ve been replaced.

I’m a Sippy Girl now. Yes, it’s true, so don’t try to change my mind.

I will remember you fondly but I need you to know that I haven’t shed a tear over letting you go yet and I’m not coming back so don’t hold your breath. You need to move on too.

It was great while it lasted.

Thanks for the memories.

Very truly,
Sweetie Pie

Papa had to peel my mother’s fingers off of you one by one as he prepared to walk you out to the recyclables.

He kept telling her “Babe, it's time, it's TIME.”

It really is somethin’ watching a grown woman refuse to let her baby grow up.

I wonder if Papa will be so nonchalant in 14 years when my junior prom date shows up at the door.

Perhaps Mama will be doing the peeling off of fingers then…


  1. CUTE post :) My baby will be three in a few weeks and she still loves her bottle. oh well, she didn't have a Mommy for her first 19 months.

    It is hard letting them grow up isn't it??

  2. Oh my gosh....that was the sweetest post!!! I bet you had to peel her cute little fingers off, one by one:)

    We didn't have a hard time with the bottle, Sarah, very willingly gave it up....now the binky, that is another story.....we are still working on that one:)

    Happy Friday my friend!!


  3. I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes!!!! What a great post!!!
    I still have bottles from when my 14 year old was a baby. I can't part with them. My 3 year old Lauren is still taking a bottle at bed time. I have never let my children go past the age of 2. I think we need an intervention over here! :)

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Ahhh, you brought back some recent memories for me to. I used to complain at all the bottles, strewn around the house neverending cleaning and assembling and then they were gone, I wanted them to stay longer than the children did. It was another sign of their looming independance. Well at least they can't reach the candy stash on the upper shelf in the panty, they still need me fr that ;-))

  5. Precious post! Love how you wrote it! Smiles to you!

  6. You had me laughing from this one!

    Miss Grace...(ahem) gave up her beloved 'ba ba' at age 3.5! Yes...I probably should've been given the worst mother of the year award for that one. She was in China for a year before we got her.

    And daddy will have lots of problems with the first junior prom or first date...believe me. Dan says he's following Grace and her date around in the car. Lovely...

  7. Parting is such sweet sorrow.....
    This post is toooo sweet.
    Oh, how I remember how difficult it was for Peep and I to let go of the bottle. I'm proud of you Mommy!

  8. This was a darling post.....Daniel used those same bottles.....stop by the blog and tell me your opinion....and I am so thrilled to be saying good bye to my diaper genie.....yes the boy is potty trained.


  9. *chuckle* The Tongginator wanted to give up her bottle at 16 months old, but I refused to allow it. I stuck to my guns until she was 20 months old. (As you can see, I didn't last long.)

  10. Oh Dita what a lovely post. So sweet. How we love our babies so and just don't want them to grow up. I am with you but you are much braver that I.
    Elliana is still on the bottle and she will be three in September.
    One day my friend, one day I might be as brave.....