Mr. Shirley Temple

WonderBoy has a "usual".
He orders a Shirley Temple wherever we go.
Sometimes they have them, sometimes they don't, but he doesn't hesitate to at least try. He even gets me to make them at home on special occasions.
Oh, and is he ever a connoisseur of the great syrupy youth beverage that has stood the test of time.
Upon first sip he always gives us that seal of approval look when the bartender has created the perfect concoction.

Shirley Temple

My brother and I always favored the Shirley Temple and always ordered a round or two when we went out to eat; extra maraschino cherries please!
I remember my father trying to get my brother to call his a Roy Rogers instead of a Shirley Temple.
Even though it was the EXACT same thing, it just didn't taste the same when he called it a Roy Rogers...so it was back to Shirley Temple for him.
WonderBoy doesn't buy the whole Roy Rogers thing either. He doesn't even know who Trigger was so I'm not pushing it.
Well, yesterday WonderBoy introduced his sister to his "usual" and we immediately had another believer in the sheer, sugary tastin' power of that infamous "cotton candy in a glass" beverage.

Shirley Temple II

All that sugar ensured they were both up for HOURS past their bedtimes! Oh well.


  1. I loved, loved, loved Shirley Temples when I was growing up. Yum!

  2. Looks like there was a lot of sugar shock going around this weekend:)

    What a cute post....I love the twinkle in Wonder Boy's eye....he is definitely giving the seal approval nod.....and little sweet pea looked like she wanted to get every last drop of her new found favorite drink!!

    Adorable pictures.....Hope you had a great weekend!! I will give you a ring...I am coming to the big city on Friday.


  3. Loving these two pictures. I am certain it was fun in your household after this treat! :) I used to love those as a child too! Sweet childhood memories that is!

    Beautiful pictures of your children as always!


  4. I haven't thought of a Shirley Temple in years...and also loved them very much as a child. Love the pics, especially the one of WB! Great expression. Your kids are gorgeous!!!