WonderBoy's 10th Birthday

I finally had a chance to sort through the photos of WonderBoy's birthday party.  We decided to surprise him with 10 of his favorite things along with a few special gifts that he had on his wish list.  He was thrilled!

The weather was on our side that day and even bordered on a bit too nice since it hit a record high 92 degrees by the time the party started.  We all enjoyed spending some outside on our patio after a long winter cooped up inside.  We made mini roadside sliders on the grill, mini mac and cheese and bite sized pizzas along with lots of other goodies!   

For dessert WonderBoy helped create a giant cupcake and lots of little ones (all chocolate, of course) for our guests...oh, and how could I forget....we turned that great big ol' Easter bunny into the most perfect chocolate covered strawberries ever!


  1. DITA!! WOW!!! Love those pics! Your wonderboy is SO handsome!! Do you work for a magazine? Your photos belong in one for sure!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  2. OMG girl....what a great bday party for wonder boy!! I love what you did....10 of all his favorites.....you are too much!! The photos are FABULOUS!!

    Have a Happy Mother's Day my friend!!


  3. You are a awesome Mom to your wonderboy! I am certain he loved his birthday. Lovin that big cupcake!

    Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope it is smile-filled!

  4. Looks like WB's birthday was a Perfect "10" !
    You're such a wonderful mommy and friend, Dita.

    Happy Mother's Day!!
    It's your day to be honored for the wonderful person and mother that you are :)

    Love you!

  5. How creative is that?!! I LOVE IT!
    Can you come over and show me some of your tricks?
    I'll serve tea and finger foods. Tomorrow sound good?
    Love Ya!