Little Ladies

Sweetie Pie and Ysa share a very special connection.
They were born on the very same day just hours apart 19 months ago.
Ysa's Nana and I became friends from the day I began my new job 2 years ago. I passed an ultrasound photo on her office wall that looked almost identical to the one I had had earlier that week. She told me that it was a picture of her new granddaughter.
We compared notes and realized that our babies were due on the same day.
Since then we've shared many wonderful moments and whether we are together or apart...I always know she's right there for me whenever I need her with her unique brand of lovin' and her belief in me.

Her presence in my life is very special and it looks like our little ladies are well on their way to enjoying the same wonderful gift of friendship!
(Looking at these photos its no wonder those ultrasounds looked so much alike!)
(Click on the "play" button then click on the bottom right icon to make the images full screen)


  1. What a beautiful friendship for you and for the girls!!! These pictures are priceless.....they are absolutely adorable together...I love everything about them!!

    Hope you have a good week:)


  2. What a beautiful friendship born by two of the most beautiful breathtaking girls!!

    I really enjoyed these gorgeous photos! WOW!

    I hope you had a nice weekend!


  3. That is incredible, they do share a very strong resemblance.

    How sweet that the girls lives are being entwined through your friendship.

    I need you to take photos of my kids, you have a gift.


  4. Dita, they are darling together! I love their little legs. So sweet and very cute! What a special connection that you'll always have. She is darling too.


  5. Well that is just about the sweetest! And what a great way to experience a friendship with such a tender bond as your girls.

    Hope life finds you happy today!

    hugs, k

  6. How darling! They are so cute together and yes I see a blossoming friendship:))

    Precious Dita.


  7. These photos are sooooooo beautiful - amazing :) Such a sweet story about these two little girls, how incredible that their destinies are intertwined :)

  8. Love, Love these photos. Stunning little girls and I love their outfits!! How special to have a friendship like that.

  9. Priceless! Love the outfits. These little ladies are fashionistas-to-be for sure :-) So lovely!